What to eat to lower your cholesterol

High cholesterol levels are slowly kill population. The growing prevalence and the risk of hypertension and diseases of the heart in American rings alarm bells in the health of the country. Health officials are desperately trying ways that boost to fight and the lifestyle of the food and exercise lifestyle show to find Cachondeo.

The truth about cholesterol despite cholesterol of mainly the perpetrator in the increase is high blood pressure in the body, not all cholesterol we take essentially evil. In fact, small amounts of cholesterol which used production of bile salts from the body, and the transformation of vitamin d cholesterol also plays a role in balancing the hormones in women.

There are two types of cholesterol, the good and the bad you, how Clal would lay people. Bad cholesterol or LDL is found often in saturated fat and trans fat type. Included in the body of food are prepackaged and prepared as potato chips, preserves, etc...

LDL cholesterol is attached to the walls of the arteries. High levels of LDL can make plates in artery walls that blood can cause obstruction in the hallway. This slows down the flow of blood which in turn makes it difficult pump for the heart. This scenario describes the early stages of hypertension and heart problems coronary.

On the other hand, what to eat, good cholesterol HDL LDL levels in the body help liver transport LDL lowering where eliminated. HDL cholesterol found in fish and nuts.

Other foods that can lower cholesterol levels are fruits and vegetables. These foods do not contain much cholesterol, so what you have added their levels.

Another great thing about fruits and vegetables is the fact that you body is also needed major sources of fibre, to combat the increase in LDL cholesterol levels. Berry, citrus and carrots are just some of the fruits you can trust.

Soy is other foods that can drastically reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body. Sterols from foods, soy, and almonds and vegetables rich in dietary fiber contained in a study by the University of Toronto that reduces cholesterol participants up to 20 percent. Oatmeal Food, olive oil and barley are excellent ways of diminishing LDL.

Another great source of cholesterol are really fatty foods. Deliberately avoid foods that are fried download of a LDL. If you have to eat fried foods for used oil from vegetables is performed.

Never use butter because it is rich in saturated fats. Instead, use margarine as a replacement. You also try steam, braise, cooking or baking food. Notice that you healthy and flavorful.

Not only the food

There are many factors that contribute to higher levels of cholesterol in the body. In addition to the food lifestyle is the age, gender, family history and of course the physical activity, the power of the person.

Exercise is very important in the maintenance of LDL cholesterol in the Bay. Also strengthens the resistance of the body as well as it improves the blood circulation.


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