Reduce cholesterol

The human body produces oils and other substances that circulate in the bloodstream. An example is the insulin that is secreted by the pancreas in response to the increase in the amount of sugar from food to eat. Cells absorb, then this gives individual calories than energy uses.

Other substance which your body naturally produces cholesterol is. It eats even food that people eat. There are two types of cholesterol: LDL and HDL cholesterol.

LDL is better known as bad cholesterol. What is bad is because too much can this system vulnerable person for a heart attack or stroke.

HDL in simple terms is good cholesterol because your job is to regulate the flow of the so that it can filter system of the person. Must be a balance between the two, the individual is healthy.

People get a blood test, the patient see a breakdown of HDL and LDL in the system. But not as important as the first two doctors on two other figures attention: total cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Give a clean Health Bill, the patient within a scope must remain. Those less than 200 mg / dl in total cholesterol are safe. The same applies to someone who has less than 150 mg / dl triglycerides.

What if the person beyond the border? In simple terms, the individual risk of developing high blood pressure or a heart condition. The good news is, the person can still avoid, something happens.

There are four easy ways to do this, and should this gradually if something bad happened the individual.

The first is the diet change. This means that less than those that rich in saturated fats to eat dairy products and red meat. This should change for fish, fruit, nuts, flour, oats and vegetables.

Studies have shown that those regular oatmeal food can reduce LDL and Trigylecerides in just 2 weeks. Imagine what could happen is that even after a month?

The second is the exercise. The body fat for how many years has not on any physical activity involved has saved. Changes in eating habits can go only so far and sweating increases the metabolic rate and helps so that patients reduce cholesterol levels.

The third that often does not happen, is to ensure that individual inclusion complements to help reduce cholesterol. Examples include acid resins Bible, Ezetimibe, fibric acid, niacin and Statins.

You are in different brands and studies have shown that can lower this cholesterol 15% to 30% if taken regularly.

You must exercise and diet work, the patient should not be forgotten, that taking this medication has certain side effects. Your doctor should before even prescription this by each can choose from variety of medications that can be used to reduce the cholesterol in the explains.

Prevention is the best way to fight any disease. Undoubtedly regularly in the Office of the save money, rather than confined in the hospital.


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