It has been scientifically proven that genes have to do the heirs with high cholesterol in the body. Most factor is bad eating habits without exercise, excessive consumption of alcohol because their way of life, the intake of saturated fat and calories (alcohol improve cholesterol increase) and to reduce the stage of postmenopausal women with estrogen edge is with the Group of senior citizens.

Lower cholesterol levels is definitely of existing Indiciados that the suspension of the right - field which have been exposed to tolerate serious risk for life in the absence of corrective action trigger (bad LDL) some factors.


Many people have the idea, simple participation in exercise, eating the right foods no saturated fat, lard and dairy products could be a solution for the treatment of high cholesterol. Go to these sources of food lipids means not immediately stopped side effects to different cardio vascular diseases and disturbances in connection with the arterial walls in the degeneration of type her Grandma.

Continue research that would benefit much, the risk for high cholesterol that calls to reduce the snapshot recipes "Statins," CRESTOR leads efficiently credible and effective drugs for reliable medical groups, (rosuvastatin calcium), medicine of Royal stopped in to high bad cholesterol levels less than 52% in a dose of 10 mg., compared to placebo 7 mg.

Another advantage of this drug type "Crestor" Statin HDL (good cholesterol) by 14% compared to placebo HDL increased 3%. Imagine the management, bad LDL cholesterol and instant work to increase to reduce good HDL cholesterol. Their significant effect that pro-life saving Enfoque defense to an increase in side effects disorders and diseases relating to bad cholesterol.

Application of medicine could be managed only fully licensed to qualify for a prescription from your doctor. Better check your medical advisor about other things that will influence your life and lifestyle, including health; (1) of the liver, kidney problems, and (2) the excessive women, pregnancy or not excessive alcohol, alcohol affects the liver functions, (3) the family Historia Linea cases of high cholesterol, (4) if it is currently features recently diabetes, hypothyroidism, thyroid problems victims of heart attack or high blood pressure, was (5) have every problem that these diseases are inform associated high (6) the Chinese or Japanese origin cholesterol (7), with counter "Antacids," drugs (8) also you that apart from all other recipes.

Side effects may occur, where it will take CRESTOR, like constipation, muscle aches, abdominal pain, weakness and nausea. These are only mild symptoms and disappear in time.

The importance of maintaining normal cholesterol levels is achieved by a minimal access to fatty substances are the unsaturated. Reliable research on the impact of the "oil" is best introduced olive for use in our daily cuisine to reduce bad cholesterol.

Its like sunflower, corn, soy, canola, reduce "Coconut oil" under several vegetable oils palm kernel and cottonseed excel than best cholesterol bad cholesterol means. This is based on a report by Dr. p.. Rethinam and Mohartuyo, Asia and the Pacific Coco released press community and you quote post from the Jakarta, June 2003. All other things about coconut oil are good advantage of health cholesterol levels in the PR issue were included.