Have a good diet may lower cholesterol

James had a blood test as part of the annual examination. This person exercised moderately and I loved to eat, but that was all change when the results came.

The results showed LDL, commonly known as bad cholesterol was much higher than the good cholesterol. The doctor said that if there have been some changes, that person would suffer soon high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.

His father of two children, had can offer the situation still needed for family that person to take seriously.

As twice per week, James worked advisable the individual often do doctor. This means working four times per week and in others lower cholesterol help contribute.

There is no point in exercising more often changes not eating. The doctor said James to make some changes in your diet is because it is nothing happen when food be burnt only in the body sent.

The doctor of mentioned James a dietitian. Both had a long conversation about the food that was bad, and this must be reduced. They should with be replaced much more healthy so that can reduce the bad cholesterol.

The plan on paper seemed very easy. James need to eat foods low in fat and not more rich in carbohydrates. During breakfast can but does not know this person to eat the yellow part of the egg.

Instead should coffee change this in the morning with tea without sugar. There are times the love that children to eat with James cereals, but milk this person is consumed not the regular but it is thin.

During lunch, something that can consume the Heaver. You can only eating chicken without skin. Part of the steak should be reduced and mixed with lots of vegetables and side dishes to eat.

It takes some time to adapt to the new regime and people like James in this sense at the end of the afternoon hungry. Have a few carrots sticks or a block is much better, much sugar have to have a donut.

Instead of a queue with the appetizer with orange juice water or fruit and not artificial but true fruit appear.

The program continues to dinner, which can be fished or pasta with some sidings. The person is for the next 6 to 8 hours after lunch, there is no need to fill.

It is safe to drink a glass of red wine. This is better than drinking beer, this is something that James had to resign.

James the plan to follow, even when away from restaurants home in a party or in a restaurant food. It is without any day offs for someone blood running the risk of diseases of the heart or high pressure, and this was not only for yourself but also for the family.

The following process of validating the doctor showed significant results. LDL was much smaller than the HDL good for someone that age. The diet program that James selected is just one of many on the market. Takes the right program some time, to lower your cholesterol and to find healthy again.