All vertebrates get cholesterol to the health of the cells in the outer membrane. Circulates in the blood in the body tissues and blood plasma in alcohol and fatty lipids (steroids) rules. Cholesterol is balanced kept needs of our body must not exceed.

Today, when all foods prepared only fast food and other busy tráfico Autopista - restaurants, fish can everything you must worry about removing inactive (unwanted) additional resources of this substance, serious shortcoming in the current generation will include general health impacts.

We must first inform about how cholesterol and affects metabolic errors from the body eliminate before we never talked about his excesses. If a physician speaks about cholesterol, density (LDL) is definitely such lower-lipoproteins considered the "bad" cholesterol addressing. Form of lipoproteins act as company molecules to the walls of the arteries of LDL deposit thicken and free passage of normal blood atherosclerosis is caused by. High density lipoprotein is "good cholesterol".

One of the various usages of good cholesterol act as an antioxidant and help the bile, which helps Digest fat key features of fat of soluble vitamins A, D, E and k. All these above vitamins help functions of metabolism in the reproductive organs of the development process from puberty until middle age, to do with the impact of the magnitude of estrogen in the body.

Main sources of good cholesterol:

1 Three quarters (75%) is inside of the body or internally generated are the results of the synthesis of the densely packed membranes such as the central nervous system, liver (spinal cord consists of the brain), reproductive organs, adrenal glands and Sebaceous Cyst. Degenerative changes as a result of the Atheroms to the development of atherosklerotischen and plates-coronary disease affect the natural flow of blood. When this happens, it causes a sudden block of the original and the flow of blood from the heart; You caress that most of the time cause potentially fatal heart.

2. Quarter (25%) comes from our consumption of food (external source), and this is where you should notifications about what should be taken into your daily diet. Fats derived from animals are rich in cholesterol egg yolk eggs, dairy products and meat, no matter what the origin of meat type. Observe fully tolerate this second major cholesterol excess than see it takes only a remainder of the last necessary quart. Will certainly be an error in this "cholesterol imbalance" balance.

Ways to reduce the cholesterol inactivity (25% excess cholesterol comes from food):

Select the recording of unsaturated fats in cooking oil or animal fat direct sources. One of the best cooking oil is olive oil production of unsaturated fats. Other Palm like coconut oils are very saturated. Have cholesterol Baja Contenido - sodium fat; Instead eat you complex carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables of high fiber content. Examples include corn, soybeans and legumes, nuts, wheat and other basic cereals.

* Not eat other restaurants and fast food with high food saturated fat and rich in sodium. Also note that alcohol and sugar to improve the level of cholesterol, prevent such excessive hard drink aerosols.

* The recent research indicates the presence of acid Fat Omega-3-salmon, mackerel and certain types of tuna and other seabed hunting in inactive cholesterol reducing AIDS.

If ID cholesterol high rises, you find effective to reduce the AP course under the guidance of your doctor drugs as inhibitor of HMG-CoA reductase, statins, lovastatin (Mevacor) and atorvastatin (Liptor).

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