How to reduce cholesterol through diet

Although most people believe that the tendency to cut the cholesterol in the diet is caused by the fact that the young eating himself to death; It is not. Limiting the levels of cholesterol in the body is not only for the purpose of presenting but also for health reasons. The levels of cholesterol in the body cause if a certain level, much complications of the body and the diseases that can even cause death.

Problems such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease come in mind. This is true above all with people who are already old and in the middle ages due to the weakening of the physical processes the digestive system and the body's ability to convert FAT into energy. Maybe that's why most most people especially those who have weight problems by their doctors to reduce their cholesterol consumption.

What is cholesterol?

People spoke cholesterol but to do what it is and effects on the body. On the basis of data on the growing problems of the heart of cases in the country, an antagonist has become cholesterol at night. Everyone thinks that cholesterol is bad.

In fact, not all cholesterol is bad for the body. In fact our bodies need cholesterol, bile salts. Main ingredients one is in the maintenance of the hormone, and in the production of vitamin d are things the levels too high cholesterol problems already arteries are balance clog, blood flow and heart pump.

There are two types of cholesterol, the good and the bad. LDL which is the kind of evil, adhere to artery, walls form plaques that impede the corridor. Saturated fats and the type trans fats are sources for this type of cholesterol. Often it is packaged as potato snacks and canned food ready.

HDL, on the other hand, reduce LDL cholesterol levels. This is because, good HDL LDL cholesterol of the arterial walls again helps the liver where excreted out of transportation. These are nuts and shellfish, especially fish.

People who want to lower their LDL levels are advised to eat many fruits because fiber, that bring the body. Oats, cereals and legumes are also great sources of fibre that can help to combat the increase in the LDL cholesterol, finally the risk of heart disease.

Factors influencing the cholesterol

Contrary to popular belief it is not only the food that should be considered in dealing with high cholesterol. It's really a lot of factors, the condition. One of them is the age and gender. Older people are on the decline of processes affected your body through the broader cholesterol most. Another factor is the level of physical activity. Exercise can really help, drop-down of LDL cholesterol. You can also help to strengthen the body and muscle tone.

Lower cholesterol

As above mentioned, seems very easy to Levels… Reducing cholesterol from the body when you have the discipline to see it through. Eat the right and regular exercise, avoid canned foods and prepackaged foods on your way to the cholesterol to lower.