Almost everyone knows that the impact of bad cholesterol in the body. By bad cholesterol has literally with molecular barrels it low density lipoprotein to do to increase that passage without blood error, affecting the State atherogenic the thickness of the walls of the arteries to prevent artery walls. Although few people not fully appreciate the importance of cholesterol in the body, this non-soluble waxy substance important to support the construction of the membranes, production of bile, pods, to produce cell walls of nerves and hormones.

But exposing the body of resulting high cholesterol Hypertensions and other cardiovascular disease of the offer or atherosclerosis result in a deployment of fatty substances and fibrosis of the inner streets.

Certain forms review and reduce high levels of cholesterol are * practicing good habits dishes, accompanied by regular exercise. Lap in a wrong kind of style of life or more compliance improved to raise cholesterol levels.

Good eating habits include:

1 Pre-arranging a daily diet without cholesterol through a menu of the week with full of vegetables, accompanied by good supply of fiber-filled fruit recipes to create. If possibly could buy or ecologically produced food types of sources such as organic gardens to produce much better. Chemical products improve the increase in the level of cholesterol. High level should be complex carbohydrates.

Some supermarkets abound in the availability of fresh organic vegetables such as lettuce. The high content of fibre vegetables eaten reduces LDL cholesterol because these foods are low – contains content of cholesterol or not all. Of course, there are to food, the improvement of low density lipoprotein total risk develop and process of lipoprotein travel deposited molecules in the blood stream in arteries.

2. If the egg in your meals is included, eat more eggs, never the yolk, if you already an individual the option of the WFP. Focus on baked food produced from wheat and grain noodles. Use sugar unraffiniertes your light refreshments. Fully refined foods are processed by certain chemical products for the purposes of the fine or whitening for marketing purposes, but in reality are health risks.

3. Water is the universal solvent. There is no harm in drink more water to the standard requirements of water daily in the digestion process complete balance of body balance in cleansing the body aid to improve the blood circulation.

4 Food more crop roots artificially made or baked foods, with certain additives, dyes and Extender are ready for commercial purposes.

5 Drink fresh fruit juices instead of high sugar content and dyes sodas artificial and additives produced. Virtually every drink drinks chocolate or chemical baby and full of caffeine than coffee strong risks personally at certain levels of cholesterol.

You always remember that trans fats and hydrogenated fats or oils used in cooking or food processing some oil saturated fats origin are more destructive. Use in the preparation of food selected oils of Palm, especially "olive oil". It can be expensive, but it is the safest for use in the kitchen to the overall security of all members of the family against the effects of too much cholesterol.

The best custom check, is your cholesterol count a regular review, protection against instant increase leading severe high blood pressure or stroke due to rising could, to possible consequences of cholesterol to ignore unprecedented.


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