You can do to lower your cholesterol

Experts say that people that are more than 20 years more attention to cholesterol and advise, everything we do, should reduce their level of "bad" cholesterol. Despite many claims that low cholesterol diet can reduce cholesterol by plans, lifestyle and supervised medication changes, more and more people suffering this disease of not lower cholesterol.

Although sometimes difficult the requirements necessary to reduce, it is still possible their cholesterol levels to get the result you want following these simple ways to lower cholesterol: 1. make sure that you know what his position to your levels get regularly checked. Visit you your doctor and get your cholesterol checked regularly are very important to achieve optimal health for good. Because high cholesterol is associated with cardiovascular disease, make sure you know that your numbers to make your diet and lifestyle change and change. Knowledge your cholesterol levels which also help decide what kind of plan the diet to follow and already need medication and treatment. Know your starting point which also help to monitor your progress toward healthy cholesterol levels. If you know the exact state of cholesterol, you can do something to fight it by learning to smoke and to stop excessive high cholesterol food food.

2. To understand the basics and learn everything do status. If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels, is the first thing to do, complete understanding of the situation and learn more about the State. In carrying out their own personal research about the State that also well informed will lead the original lifestyle changes you can do to alleviate the problem, and have also an idea of what other treatments are available options. Knowledge about cholesterol, types, classes and health risks also make you understand that the case not really desperate when in the right direction.

Search and get more information about the State you do realize that many things you can do it. You can get more information from a registered dietitian to attend local food, local hospital centres or the Department of public health and a consultation with your doctor or physician.

3 See your weight and get rid of the pounds more, if necessary. Your monitor weight is one of the best ways to combat high cholesterol levels. If you think you are overweight for age and height and then should look lower high cholesterol on thinning. Overweight a person of dietary fat changes the normal metabolism, experts say that you birth weight more than what should people planning in a healthy lifestyle and diet, weight losing start to cry.

But before he had a dramatic change in your diet and lifestyle, ensure that you first access visit your doctor on your general health. Most damage can prevent, especially if to take drugs.

4 Getting physical exercises and regular physical activity, more frequently to do. The wonders of exercise are very essential to reduce high cholesterol. Regular physical activity can also help to increase levels of good cholesterol and lose weight as well. There is really no need for high intensity training, regular vigorous walking or running boost body HDL cholesterol can help and also beneficial for the heart.

5 A commitment and adhere to this commitment. The best way to lower cholesterol levels is to develop the discipline stick to your destination. You can also cholesterol the good and the bad fat and their sources, reduce what are by themselves even familiar, discover the wonders of fiber to reduce cholesterol with good multivitamin to get rid of much stress and to research and treatment options to study, if all else.