Astrid Ellena Indriana Yunadi, Miss Indonesia 2011

Profil / biography Astrid Ellena Indriana Yunadi, Miss Indonesia 2011
Ever lived in Maryland, Amerikat States, for 5 years, making the girl who has a height 169 cm is to be someone open minded and can accept changes to achieve the ideals and a better life.

Her title as Miss UPH (Universitas Pelita Harapan) and Miss Photogenic FMU 2009 does not make a student of International Relations FMU was born June 8, 1990, then complacent and stopped to walk. One of the biggest dream is to become a cultural ambassador of Indonesia in the eyes of the world. That's what a powerful argument for Ellen to follow the election of Miss Indonesia 2011.

Name: Astrid Ellena I.Y
Date of Birth: June 8, 1990
Age: 20 Years
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 51 Kg
Language: English, Spanish, Mandarin

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The blessings of the holiday

It is to do so many wonderful things, in the city of New York. It is hard to imagine, someone could manage in life all might fit. The problem is that many of them sounds so much fun, it is difficult, choose among the people and the few. The best solution for me is the things to follow that you can do at home. Playing in the Park in most cases you can do at home. While none of our parks as compared to the many available here is this still possible at home without doing thousands of miles to travel.

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It is so important that we remember when what purpose it-a vacation vacationing renew us in our commitments with our families, our employees and our work. In this, we assume that he updated and renewed ready for the challenges that lie ahead of us. Find something through the release of their vacation. It leaves hair after below and enjoy you the opportunity, without thoughts to dance about, which can see. Karaoke singing in a tavern and act stupid with their children go barefoot on the beach with flowers in her hair. Keep in mind, what young and fun in the interest of which is fun, and most importantly, remember how to smile.

You remember their vacation in New York, how fleeting life is something else. It changed forever the horizon of this great city and this is something that we must not never forget, is not something that we must address, but is it something that should make us really think when he reminds us. We should use every moment, with our friends and family for the occasion not only but also a blessing return is to be blessed.

Reuse your vacation as an opportunity to read to their children, to his partner sing, keep the hands in the rain and fall in love with them. Romantic and sweet and the door for him open to keep. Silly songs you and rhymes and often say their children to what extent enjoy playing with them and remember this things when you return home. It is, if you find that they are really blessed.

Young people in the city

New York City offers fun for youth chest to do a virtual treasure. The most difficult is this age group in General, to please and appease the vacationing. They are for the child, what too old and too young to some of the more "entertainment grown" and know to appreciate of course, has to much fun that they don't want to look it. Parks which is attractions cyber-cafes, libraries and recreation centers, sports events and sports facilities, enjoy New York, a city that has been made almost to the young people.

The compromise is that trick to your holiday in New York currently enjoy, which ensures that your teen enjoy their time in the city. Agreement to go skate in the Park, for if he or she will suffer through a museum with you. It can search only on each to enjoy something, be the activities of the other. It is wonderful to do so much and to see in New York. You have how many of these wonderful events are offered free of charge for free or at very low prices not too much money, a good time, numbers. You can buy also lanes that free entry to some attractions of the city for a fee only allow. You will notice that you freebie there is usually something that offers the citing of several members his family including his teenage years.

Compromise is a good idea for the holidays with friends or family and teaches young people an important lesson - your opinion is important to you. You also learn at risk, to share experiences and time and to critically think. Weight of all things, they are forced, that they like and choose the things, the role, to do more. This is a very good thing for people, and a valuable lesson as they grow and finally start, their own decisions in life is to learn as soon as possible. Once you try, young children give a voice in what happens. Provide age appropriate choices and allow to choose them that matters to you.

Young people tend to very difficult of favor or predict and their needs may vary between the time it takes to try open a package of pop, and change the time that it takes until they actually put in the toaster. Keep this in mind when plans with young people and go with the flow. They have to leave, not that you rule teenager vacation but so that he or she have a voice in the decision-making process some important and interesting things learn from each other.

Girls teens are often easily distracted by shop while shops see New York when she has some fashion can speak it in a few of them each submission or second hand shops, in abundance. It can be called "Vintage clothes" when it is necessary to get in the door, but it can have worn some impressive offerings of clothes, hardly that, and they are some additions to his costume for a fraction of the cost when new. There are also some wonderful centres also takes in New York. That shop trick of one of these shops is the prices of the things to know. Some things are excellent offers, while others are not so many.

Young adolescents a great time as a nation, will have season in places where they can spend hours playing video games at the end. You can even try to play if you're brave enough. Fair warning given here, young people are brutal in their victories and will study never for his errors in the field of play with them as life to before hand.

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Shop of art from the beaten path

Art is one of the many cultural ties in the city of New York. There are art galleries galore in this great city and probably an artist for almost every taste. Art has always been to some extent in the eyes of the beholder and beauty in the city of New York is abundant.

If you are one of the art and the art fan, it is difficult, the fact does not deny that New York has a large amount of art to offer for those willing to look for him. The Graffiti is so artfully bridges, buildings, buses, and signs throughout the city for murals and store Windows, which was so wonderful art comes to this city in many ways. You find the muses who are looking for cartoonists, painters and artists in various parts of the city, which can be especially appealing, inspiration or even defeatist hiking.

Art ends with diagrams, drawings, and paintings. It goes far beyond. In this city, see sculptor with splendid works, the may you inspiring and be totally, completely incomprehensible could and could find art, the heart touched and easy not to pass. For some reason art is pure for most of us emotional. This is true not only for the painter, but also for those, the witnesses of the beauty of the art that was created.

There are ceramics, blown glass, metalwork, woodwork and literally dozens of other works of art in this city. You can stroll through the galleries of the city, or walking through the streets and parks, the art and the artists who are looking to create these wonderful works. You will find the largest work of art in the hands of the smallest creatures or in the most unlikely places. New York is full of surprises which go far beyond the routes of the milkshake.

If you are looking really home from your trip to New York for take art, is the best place in second hand or consignment stores search. Typically, you will find beautiful pieces of art at incredibly low prices. This is one of the best ways to build of his collection and there are some second hand shops specialized in illustrations or "Art of Junk E-mail". Galleries are rarely used to do art course and is very unlikely, that you are a discount available. Stick to shipping, markets and shops of the used furniture stores, if you are really for some nice pieces that seriously undervalued.

Keep in mind that selected type only with them to talk (and hopefully at the same time with its decoration in a certain extent), unless of course you are looking for an apology, renovate and not really means nothing at all. If you find a work of art that you feel, price is not that you must have, often take into account. This means that the fact that looks much better in a shop for second hand in a way to the store. At which have can be found at least in this case is with label solid recordings in inflated price tags in the most galleries. Is of course because your commissions outside of the top, that you automatically make much of a discount for the purchase of second hand and off the beaten path restore.

New York style of relaxation

New York is the busiest city in the world. The people here are always forward and people in this city, which he is constantly on the move back from work to home to take the name and the most functions of the school for their children to eat. New York work and play and not find a city of full couch potatoes for the most part.

As a result of the constant movement and often constant voltage is a great demand for baths, massages and a service industry, to help the pace in the city that never sleeps, this work more is dedicated to, they played more marked people learn Masy, relax. Of course, there are other industries in New York City, who suffer equally to keep awake and alert.

If relaxation that the order of the day will be happy is to know, there is a spa in almost every corner of the city of New York and your vacation in a relaxing time things have an istSie then choose a hotel with Spa facilities and never leave. I can not imagine, in the city of New York City and all the time, coming out to stay at my hotel but for some is the only way of the work and responsibilities behind left, really relax and get all the benefits of a spa treatment.

Next to the Spa of the many that are also are available complex of gyms and sports, with which your frustration or aggression by physical exertion, in addition to the numerous parks throughout the city scattered you develop, you AnbietenFühren the places to walk, run, riding you take bikes, road rollers and in dozens of other physical activities in.

If the physical activity and the spa treatment doesn't help, to achieve their goals of relaxation, and then perhaps is an evening in order. For all kinds of ways to spend the night in the city of New York. There are bars, lounges, comedy clubs, discotheques and bars from simple hotel can a good drink or two, to facilitate his State of mind, and then head to your room without thought about how returned to your room.

Of course, many believe that certainly laugh which is better than cure could e-Mail for what, that many clubs around New York comedy may search the best place for a night of fun and relaxation. It is likely, if you are in New York City, practically in any place that is about a Comedy Club. If there is any doubt that I make almost a buttons or the goalkeeper could help you close by and in a short time to find.

Then of course is the last resort. For some, for me is the first thought that comes to mind relaxation: bathtub and massage shower. Not necessarily a good way to spend the night is in this order, but one or both. If you're lucky a mistress with you is a good idea to share the tub and massage. While massage give it well to each other, there is something delicious is sinful envelope located among others during the actual treatment get. You know that it again soon enjoy this reality, while you can.

NYC vacation planning makes all the difference

If you it or do not recognize, is planning the key to a successful holiday. You must be a tyrant of holidays, which makes her dark family and include summer camp but some sort of action plan for every day you can better your needs, stick to a budgetals also assure you are calm and relaxation is very important for the renewal of the spirit and the body before returning to work.

Holiday vacation in the cities have cost a fortune, as known are expensive, as the city of New York. Most people don't realize that people from all economic in these cities and there are some forms of entertainment to offer something for everyone, and many of them are free of charge. If you plan carefully, you have followed two or three activities that are low or no cost in an area of the city by a mechanic every day or two hours in his room during the afternoon and a very nice event for every night. This gives you the control of the budget, the time each day for you and your children and (if right planned) activities in a general area every day place much time and money on the market.

Most cities have guides that can be found easily online. New York is no different. In fact, there are some leaders of the city. It would be a good idea to find activities you can do to little cost or not, select a number of activities you are interested in or might be interested in other members of his family and see where they are located in relation to others. You, try Federation for the life of several that are geographically in the center of the activities of one day and do the same for the next few days.

Please note that you do not marry the plan and should not ignore, can the things that seemed happens that they may have been not in the guide or they do not have in the manual as attractive as in person. Detours are some of the best trips we will ever do in life. Not only that, but, allowed if you the pillow time every day, which I recommended that you have the possibility, something adjusts the schedule and enjoy less in resting or pass one of the least attractive elements in your itinerary for this new attraction, that is.

Holiday should be fun for the whole family. Often we forget and make plans without entering the family. If not dialogue open and get you at least some input from all members of the family will enjoy the holiday, no one. Kids are fussy and irritated, the spouse feel abandoned and overlooked and it continues the feeling that no one is with the plan. That is why each of the plan see, sign the plan, and the best way to do things is by far compromises. So has any input, everyone gets something, this is important for them, holiday experience and there are no surprises or important surprises involved. Everyone knows what to expect along the way.

At the moment, it is better if build happy memories can holiday spend the feeling in the Sun with children bizarre, as if no one seriously the entry instead of hours or spend a day with spouses in desperate need of some downtime even quirky. To schedule this time, as well as activities (especially the more expensive activities) with. Not before most of your money, you spend and make it clear that it spend only so much money. Many people do not consider spending the holidays close enough track and find that they have become much more than they thought.

The vision offers national parks of New York City history

When planning a holiday in New York, is the only way to follow. It is simply so much to see and to do that you need at least a general idea of how you their days before even want to spend. New York is one of the largest cities in the world, not without reason, and has a long history as part of its size.

If I like my time in New York to spend, and what wonderful things about New York present, select my children to her, I choose before the things with which historical significance first had the most so that they will actually fall and not to the Nintendo store or the keyboard black very well in the FAO competition. I would like to be regarded as my children, the history of our country good and bad, and I would instill a day like this in their children the importance of this story.

By visiting the national parks in the first place, which will have enjoyed the benefits of price tag (well almost anyway cut is free, especially if you and your children to receive an education) in addition to the fresh minds who have spread this decisively at the birth of our democracy. Ellis Iceland is a great place to visit, but I think that it will show that the statue from a distance rather than take out there take the ferry. It is simple much to do in New York and each account of a second. I would like to have a great time how would I make some wonderful thoughts, that can also share with their friends at school (slightly more than the new game game cube and newer, out soon).

Some of the important national parks, I would like to purchase from Kagi, my children are: was Federal Hall, where he was inaugurated Washington, grave grant, place of birth and Castle Clinton, Theodore Roosevelt designed keep away intruders. I would like to take also Saint Paul's Church. Not for religious reasons, but also to questions of religious freedom. I think that it an important lesson here today, I just now learned.

I believe that the lessons of the history of our nation in the city of New York as important as the teachings in Washington or Philadelphia. This country has many steps on the road to democracy and we have found a couple of times on the way. Never had the Salem trials, civil war or the civil rights movement, when he did not, but we have come so far and still have far to go. I would like to learn my children from our past and look forward to our future.

I think, are that we can learn lessons from our state parks and are much more valuable than the lessons can we learn in the toy stores and throw the frisbee in Central Park. I would like to visit my children, museums, and toy stores and new cultures, would like to take a deep sense of the history of our great nation with them.

NYC educational entertainment

There are many opportunities for learning in the city of New York. These opportunities are not all in boring atmosphere or room Saints learn, but in interactive experiences that are for young people and adults in many bright lighting and fun to explore this great city corners available anywhere. We are never too old to learn, and we can never have too much fun. If they young, young people are their own or are just young at heart, New York has many possibilities of education conversation to you.

Perhaps one of the things is set up, in New York visiting the FDNY fire zone pay. General admission is free, but if you want to experience a presentation of the simulation of the fire there is nominal prices (currently at $5 per person). The area of fire is an installation of art is taught where the fire safety. Big kids and little of both, enjoy the fact that they are trying their hands on the team, in the March and work with the parents really for establishing a plan of escape to their homes can. In particular, the children can learn, what to do, rather than of fear in this situation are paralyzed. This is a place that really should be in the list of attractions in the city of New York, the price is certainly good and could save a life.

The Museum of comic and cartoon art is another great place to spend a few hours and learn more about the many different aspects of art, comics and cartoons and what kind of role in the history of our world. They offer various exhibitions at different times, it is a place to get certainly consulted often to the maximum enjoyment of the process. For this particular Museum hours differ from the average, so are safe, make sure that the date and time you want to visit that are accessible for the public. Current admission prices are $3 for children and adults at the age of 12.

Mount Vernon hotel is Museum and garden is another great place to learn, this time history. This building is steeped in history and was the home of the daughter of President Adams. A walk through the history in this charming hotel was home, and then walk in the gardens outside. If you need off, the city, the other in the big city, is a great place to visit and the air move to feel and forget the fact that the nearest mall is actually very close.

Brooklyn children's Museum is fun for children of all ages, shapes, sizes and nationalities. After all, it is a universal language and find a lot here. The good news is that this particular fun as education is really well disguised. Brooklyn children's Museum was the first Museum of its kind, the first museum that entertain and educate children was dedicated to say. It was a very successful experiment, which is now responsible for the museums of 300 children around the world. The entrance fee is very reasonable at $5 per person and children under 1 are free. The Museum is closed for the rest of the year with the exception of some parts of the public school on Monday in July and August and Monday and Tuesday. It is advisable to check if you are not sure, and in the hope of a Tuesday visit the Museum.

The New York Hall of science is another great learning that is available here. It is much to do and see here and the most important, with many exciting new toys and as such to play. Enjoy the activities and exhibitions, the science, to put magic, and they show that they are just not each other. Magic is in the eye of the beholder. Exhibitions change frequently and offer always something fun for everyone. There are age appropriate activities for children and Science Park (fee: $3 for the admission of the person who is pro required of the admission fee of $11 adult and $8 per child, the Museum of animation) is always a great success. It is now in an excellent educational experience for all the members of his family, which was only fun.

Fauna of New York

New York may be a jungle according to many, but animals you find in many zoos. If you are one or more want to remove the many zoos in the city of New York, I recommend a city pass purchase allows free admission to many zoos in the area. Please can you will notice that some of the attractions at the Zoo should expect additional costs so, something for your day at the Zoo (s) but every bit him along way aid numbers store and was surprised how quickly recover the cost of your Passport.

Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo is the largest Zoo.UU city in the United States. and it is open 365 days a year. The city have passports enjoy free admission to the Zoo. As soon as it was the filling of the award-winning exhibitions to offer Bronx Zoo has, should check whether the Botanical Garden in New York, which offers lots of fun and many activities for children avoid (this experience is different, that can be enjoyed free of charge with the broadcasting of New York). Wave Hill, that art museum are nearby Brooklyn and Van Cortlandt House Museum. These activities are free of charge with the broadcasting of New York and very suitable for the families of all ages.

Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo offers a glimpse of animals in their natural habitats rather than CAGES and cages. Although this is becoming more and more from the norm in American zoos in the Central Park Zoo in particular did pioneering work on this process. Today, the Central Park Zoo has a forest cover; a chilled Penguin House together with a group of polar bears, while also home breeding programmes for certain endangered species. While the frog are safe for food in the cafeteria it jump, which offers health focus kid friendly fee surprisingly (such as fries free French of trans fatty acids). If his walk through the Zoo of 6.5 hectares was not enough movement in the day you have to stop from area of Central Park, close to the bike rental.

New York Aquarium

The New York Aquarium, although not exactly a Zoo is another great place for family experience of animal life. This is done to one of the most famous of several visits to New York. Young and old, marine organisms play fun and important lessons about our marine friends enjoy. The Aquarium is located in Coney Iceland and is close to Astroland amusement park you would like to make a day of. New York Aquarium offers free admission to the New York pass holder and Astroland offers discounts for the owners.

Zoo perspective

Prospect Park Zoo offers a unique experience for the children have interactive contact with more animals. This greater interaction is much more pleasant trip for young people than many larger zoos that provide little interaction with animals or a very limited number of animals to interact with. The prospect of Zoo is home to more than 400 animals more than 80 species. This Zoo is located near the children's Museum of Brooklyn, the Botanical Garden of Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Museum of art - all you free entrance for New York pass holder.

Queens Zoo

The Queens Zoo offers a unique experience for the visitors, which is less Lake a Zoo and more like a House on the Prairie of the animals. This 12-acre park is 70 animals, in habitats very authentic life. If you want to visit this particular Zoo, make sure that you take the time to visit the area of the farm, so that children can feed on some of the most friendly creatures. This Zoo is located very close to the Queens Museum of art, New York Hall of science and the American Museum of moving image. These attractions are all free of charge with the screening of New York.

If you are a true lover of animals, New York has covered you with ways to get the filling. Who would have thought that a city is full of skyscrapers and Commerce also was home to some of the most beautiful and exotic fauna in the world?

New York sports

New York is definitely a city, which loves its sports and applause for the local computer. Is likely that represented the best New York City and State in this country is about major league teams. I've never seen something similar, but honestly I can't imagine a night when it is not a kind of large sporting event is held somewhere in this great city.

The National Hockey League is almost not back and still strong. New York is represented by the Rangers, who have made a wonderful agreement this year, Shanahan off the Red Wings to win. They play their games at Madison Square Garden and have some of the most loyal followers. Also if you say Detroit and visit, and when the Rangers play at home is the perfect opportunity (provided that you a ticket) number and see, as Shanahan likes to live in the Big Apple, and if you lose your life in the Joe.

Apart from hockey for now, there are many other professional sports that you can enjoy just while you are visiting the city of New York. I think that there a few fans of baseball in this city somewhere. I say this one, because it seems that they had to create two baseball teams to the fans to keep. Although you say that these fans are loyal to a failure of the teams that support. The New York Mets and the New York Yankees represent this great city in the major league baseball and both teams win loyal support for all his fans.

The surprising what is for me, that the double teaming with baseball. It seems that the city of New York of also two National Football League teams, as well as has. The New York Giants and New York Jets represent this fair site for the amateur football in the country. While no preference favorite or even all teams and really have no idea how a city with such a heated Department can survive. You are not obviously so virulent as some fans tend to would hockey or civil war in the streets there.

All jokes aside, seems it so far is only a team in the NBA and the Knicks are New York. Type it is not unfair to poorly represent hockey and basketball, because really better at the end of the roots of the hearing, the whole city for them, these guys always could be not only half. With many great sporting opportunities without a laptop get belief that nothing ever achieved men in this city, beggar time Pocket TVs with them to everyone.

I know not of his house, but in my house it is difficult to plan important events in our families live around a local team for each sport (and have still not baseball team). I can't imagine how women in New York to do. But for all women and men who love, I have to say, congratulations to large teams and give visitors many support these amazing opportunities to see our sport if we are away from home. It is difficult, one thing about this city, is the largest, but this can only be.

Nightlife in New York and addresses change

The nightlife is a big part of the culture of New York, there is no reason, if you can, and have no children to keep in the night room can't walk holidays such as the date for the New York City and the city when you remove some of the wonders of the nights of beat New York.

The problem is that no one unique all size, when it comes to nightclubs, bars and lounges. Each of them is represented in almost every district in New York and really up to each person to find, bar or Club, which is best suited for them. The best advice that I give someone may is check the actions, the leading are and find an event that you think that you meet your style and taste.

If a Comedy Club in the mood to laugh, might be the best for you. If you for a beautiful and are looking for quiet place where date or mate can you and your talk and look at life and love then a piano or lounge Jazz might be the best choice for you. Attempts to hit to that a bar in New York almost as difficult as trying the Bourbon one Street, everything somewhat alike and are very different is recommended. The trick is to find that most suits them best.

Want you get terribly young and have a good time enthusiastic, I then hit a karaoke bar. What could be, that a shutdown button on the 1980s bad music be better? Not much, but laugh someone do get there and do it is so much better, yourself. There are many opportunities for fun and only you can decisively, if it would even be considered enjoys certain moments. We all have music which we prefer, masses, who prefer the most important, music, and masses, who would rather avoid.

The good news is that in the city of New York, the almost every musical taste in the story, and then some more present. It is likely that it somewhere that a bar offers the type of music that they prefer or are in the mood for this evening. Some of these bars have bands in live or an example of a man/woman and some have DJs spinning tunes until last call or the sun rises. It's jazz, hip hop, the best and the worst of 1980s turning 1990s, alternative, country, techno, pop, smooth jazz, R & B, Manilow and Streisand, 1970s, classic rock and much more in my head trying to all of them think. Somewhere in the mix there must be something, the work for you, or perhaps ballads are silence or easy piano to follow the path.

What ever your music and what is whatever his State of mind a bar or a club in New York City, which has something that will speak with you. And if you are in a particularly dark mood, clubs have too much. Many of us use our holiday time to explore other aspects of our nature, if you are interested in testing new music or a new audience; New York is an anonymous city, to try new things. Not only so much fun that he decides to stay.

New York fun gifts for the family

New York, is that the city that never sleeps an excellent target. If you worried about the selection or the availability of which consider great family activities with a holiday in New York but you can sit down your mind to rest. There are many activities of the family in New York City, of interest to all age groups from infants to young people. Some of these major activities are surprisingly easy on the Pocket despite the reputation of the New York City as a more expensive place to live or visit.

There are many ways that careful planning you many of the sights of the big cities of little or no cost can enjoy. Most museums offer free admission one night or day of the week. Check all and plan your trip to this particular Museum in days from and into the night. In addition some of the museums of a policy provide 'pay what you want', which you offer a donation for the entry instead of a fixed price that would exclude many visitors. Museums are a great way for all members of his family, some insight into cultural visit of the city of New York during the free nights this pretty simple experience in your pocket.

In addition to these museums can also experience the technology of tomorrow at the Sony wonder of lab/laboratory technician without cost or stroll along the Boardwalk of Coney Iceland. In the winter you try it Rockefeller Center with skating. If you the time and the inclination of the Queens County Farm Museum offers free admission (with the exception of special events so you make sure that you to check) and provided the family with a step back in time.

Really, take a bite of the Big Apple test market at Union square green market. In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables find all sorts of delicious treats to eat and drink. There are also some walk, the many (money costs tend to) guided tours and many self guided tours can be done through the neighborhoods of New York, as well as some historical walks.

For a truly historic experience of Federal Hall, visit Memorial national. Admission is free and you can see in the history of the United States in your kernel. This is the place, where George Washington took the oath of Office and our form of democracy was born. For any fan of the history of the United States or in the school of the children this is one which must see gifts available in the city of New York. Iceland, the statue of liberty, grave grant, and Fort Wadsworth are other national parks in the city of New York, which are historically of interest Ellis. Each of these parks offer free admission to the public in General and great place for the whole family can not only visit one and enjoy but also to learn about our history.

Wave Hill is another great place to visit. This tour is free of charge while the week otherwise is $4 for adults and $2 for children. Regardless of if it is during the week or the weekend is still an excellent value for the price of the visit.

Of course, this is just a few to do many free and low price things in this great city. In any case, you want comfortable shoes for the many miles to take your feet you in this fascinating city on foot. In addition to the many activities of the families mentioned New York is to offer its visitors, also home to some of the most beautiful parks in the world, free recreational and cultural experiences.

I recommend you pay to try attention and planning of activities, which are free, and activities that money with the other costs not can little Miss activities in similar areas. This will save time (a very great product on a visit to New York City) and the money that will be paid in the tariffs of transport. Plan your trip ahead of time is one of the most economic decisions, that what can be done. This does not mean that it can be not flexible if something, see if you get there, that only a pretty good idea of the things you really want to, with the reality of the budget balanced, you need to do for all. Above all have fun!

New York City for young people

If you are on holiday in New York with the kids, that it is possible the activities in the fresh air can very annoying for all but the museum pass could then Museum not do the trick for all children. Children enjoy, do hands on activities, which simply cannot be all museums easily for. This is where you plan wonderful can affect creative outlets for their children during the holidays to enjoy of the last time in New York City.

You can discover also a talent that his son has, that you have never would have known otherwise. Some of the most interesting types of the development of opportunities in the city of New York will be mentioned here. I'm sure more of it is when it is do not the list, but there are only so many hours in a given day.

The first store to my list is based on a creative outlet that has shown a rapid rise in popularity in recent years his own ceramic of painting. The name of the store is the pot of paint and you have the right, select and paint your own pottery. Classes of wheel with its little can take even ceramics if you're brave enough, but it is very likely that you have a wonderful time and capable of enlightenment to arrive, which marries you after returning from vacation. Keep in mind that shooting time so there is you during the week, if you do want to be in the list of things. Otherwise, you must skillfully prepare shipping these creations of his son, to your home.

Have the promising for those of you, musicians, what a day in workshops of recording music from triple Z? It is a fairly expensive trip, but his son win the real study of experience and a CD of his music at the end of the day take. Children learn about life on both sides of the cabin and it is a great idea for older children, who have expressed a sincere interest in music.

You want to really impress your young people are the cloister, which is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum, focusing on art and architecture of medieval Europe. Their children will feel as if you raised in a fairy tale. It is also a good idea, the works of art at the met, remove more young, not designed for children as well as this is one of the museums is friendly.

You should also take into account the stores like Toys R US in times square and the FAO Schwarz, have unique offers to the enchant and entertain the children. You need a ball to see your children have fun in this nice shops and find fun right along with them. So, make sure that no one sees of course. There are many other shops that they have something to offer children of all ages, you make sure you extract it and see that the store is attractive and stores their children could find fascinating.

Note that many beautiful New York Park, which has left excellent opportunities for young people, some have and some PETN energy to escape. I think, it is very important, the planned some time for their children on a visit to New York to everything in the course of the centuries to keep healthy tomb Park questions are not fully entertaining and prone to spirit.

It is also important when traveling with small children's programme on the quiet time for them during the day. Children are so vulnerable, if you don't have some sort of place to relax a little quieter to overload. Mid afternoon is a good time, go to his room, cooling, a crack and the parents and older children something a little noise and mass allows the children a bit as well as break. All over the world will be much happier if their product recall of this important time, your day to plan rest.

New York for the adrenaline junkie

For the fun of emotion requesting lover of New York City is a huge park. If you are in extreme sports, extreme movies should or just others watch you go get a good dose of everyone in this great city to the extreme. Reading between sports games and ends each link has been extreme in art and entertainment in the corresponding city for all their needs.

Web2Zone Cyber Center has all its extremes gaming and computer needs. They offer regular tournaments for serious games is also easy access to the Internet for those who want, while they spend their time in cyberspace to socialize. You are not your typical Internet café. They provide not only a place to the log, they offer one of the fastest Internet connections all around. No wireless service, but loans are like an Ethernet card or port on your laptop with suitable material. For player events and tournaments, hosted and many opportunities in abundance are regularly to show its strength in gaming.

The more fresh extreme entertainment can for those, the sky, what line in Chelsea Piers withdraw? This is a great way to get cool things throughout the year the large type of training, not find at a traditional fitness center. This is definitely value withdrawing and while are here see all other great things, the Chelsea Piers offers its visitors. Ordered under the things are bowling, Golf Club, the Casa de Campo and the Spa. Definitely a great place to spend the day so that excess energy to work out, is that or is to get your blood pumping and the day free to a good start.

If the feeling of the wind in your hair and perhaps you a ferry ride she fills the need. Really enjoy no need a specific target to a ferry ride and the landscape. You can also choose to make certain tours on his trip with the ferry; to see what's available, during the stay and perhaps even two large with a trip combine the possibility. There are many different available cruise last 90 minutes and takes place during the day and others offer a view of the city at night as their two hours mixed drinks and enjoy the city lights.

The ferry ride fill the need, the wind in your hair, then perhaps should be more on foot Coney Iceland (walking may not be the best option but you there anyway) and remove the the cyclone the Astroland amusement park. This trip is really intense and often replicated but never quite duplicated. This trip is famous all over the world and should even the largest mountain meet Russian geek or adrenalin junkie out there. Skeptics? The only way that will never know you found under. Of course, there are other things, this park, offering, the voltage, smaller, searching less intensively.

There is really no matter what certain emotions that locate in the city of New York, enjoy smells, the sights and sounds is addictive enough for many to the adrenaline and many find that this is like no other on Earth. Take time to see what activities you interesting and forward can find. Use the time in this city to enjoy each activity to try during your visit. The purpose is the holiday to have fun and relax. You make sure as much time looking not spend another after a high adrenaline after or you will find that they need a holiday back from vacation. Can be seriously, we most people had all the fun the importance of the programming of some time during your holiday, forget you not this you happen.

New York dining on a dime

Dining room of the city of New York is not as difficult as it is possible that it is. New York is a city with many Nations, which probably represented there more Nations in the decisions of the restaurants in New York than any other city in the world. You will find the options of the wonderful food, which represent many Nations and not break your wallet. Wonderful how literally enjoy the flavours of the world on vacation!

Arco IRIS falafel is the first place I recommend. This may very well be his best falafel shop (if you call) in the city of New York. If you have never tried falafel is definitely for a. Falafel is essentially a ball of vegetables and spices (chickpeas, onions, garlic and other goodies), that was fried and placed in PITA with hummus, lettuce, tomato and yoghurt. You hungry? We have only just started.

Gray offers papaya the best hot dogs in the city, above all, if we the fact into account carrying difficult to mess up the hot dogs, especially, if it is everything that makes for the price. In fact, the price is what keeps the customer by the mass packaging. Where can two hot dogs and a drink for two dollars in New York? However stressed that you expect in a restaurant the facilities and ambience of what the numbers would be $2 for the average meal and any expected atmosphere of Jimmy buffet with drinks of umbrellas and neon colors.

For Hoagies heroic or epic proportions, it would really try Luke to Tony. The décor is simple and the service is fast. You will find a huge menu or the enormous variety of bread specialty or CARB friendly diet options here (there are some elements but no mass selection). Are you are mammoth of sandwiches with many meat and perhaps a page of the cheese French fries and a soda, to water. The food is good and the price is right, when to make them the cheapest restaurants in the city.

If it refers him as Southern fare or soul food, the place of the soul is on. They offer many of the traditional dinner types of foods such as Fried Catfish, fried chicken and vegetables drip "for those waste", who are willing to risk the impending heart attack Sunday. This food is without a doubt and fabulous example of the culinary delights a experience in the South while also offered at a price comparable to what a Mississippi will be given on Sunday afternoon. They provide a menu, which is a little less expensive than dinner menu and good offers a great value for money.

Rubbish another institution of excellence in the great city of New York is cheap food. You have a Krystal or a White Castle in is get nearest you the concept of the "Schnackies", which are very similar to found in the joints, such as hamburger I mentioned. He assured, however, has the other options, if the small economic burger really his thing not. So that the PM should have almost all forms 5 eggs before they are thought pudding can and if you have the time and the room hot chocolate and bananas trying really famous Harry should bread. My mouth is watering only think.

The point all this, that you get good and starve was to let know that despite his reputation as a more expensive place to visit, if you know where can you find not only entertainment cheap but also cheap food. Enjoy the best, the New York offers without breaking your budget. And cheap, not necessarily a bad thing.

New York City on a budget, you can do

Despite common misconceptions, it is possible even with a budget of holiday of modest New York City to enjoy. It is important to remember when your holiday planning its budget often the most important factor in terms of measures, which may or not in the plans of the family should be included.

The beauty is that you can present many opportunities for fun and wonderful family while after a slightly tougher budget. First, if you need your accommodation ahead of time which is a focus of concern numbers you during your stay do not. Here you will find a room in the hotel with microwaves and refrigerators go a long way towards that can limit the costs. You can also save money through their bottles with water at his hotel instead of purchasing new bottles of water, to bring sandwiches from home for the kiddies and food fill in restaurants at night lunches in the lunch break and hit less expensive or fast-food offer.

To remember one other thing is that you do not need to buy each image, which is taken from your children in New York. Think carefully about the image are the most important years of childhood and let the image of this purchase. Using the camera to other memories of his time in New York City for a fraction of the cost. Make sure to do a lot film extra (if still used a camera that requires the film) and batteries with, as to replace it probably more expensive in New York City are you from home.

A further great saving ideas would be for your time in New York, to buy the pass in New York. It may be rather expensive, but you can a pass 3 or 7 days, which you buy really free entrance to many attractions in the area. Easily compose your investment if you are planning, visit the attractions that this admission free things you find large selection of museums and zoos are offered, as well as offers discounts in some of the gift shops.

New York is to order a large city in the. It is to shop no large city where on a budget. If you buy they present too great a temptation that prevent it. While there are some wonderful shops and interesting see and experience when you don't go and without spending money, then in the best interest of your would be travel budget they leave out all together. If you can resist the temptation there is a many shopping centres and shops, which were not only beautiful, but also here offer the view itself.

If you have children they are many activities for children are available in and around the city. While browsing the Internet, in the planning phase and I am sure that you find many activities that you can enjoy as a family that falls into the category of the fabulous freebie. Many of the museums of the city offer also entry free of charge on certain days of the week or at certain times. Other museums offer a paid recording written so that no one is really wonderful experience that awaits them inside.

New York has many national parks, some of them with profound historical significance. Entrance to the national parks, including the statue of liberty is absolutely free and the family can enjoy his time, as well get a deep sense of history in the process.

No matter, making what can your budget, a good time in the city of New York have, if you take the time to carefully the events plan you and not to participate based on your budget. Note that some very pleasant events and reward for this very budget conscious during their journey. It is a holiday after all, even if it limited to the costs.

New York's diversity

If you never been to New York City, he was surprised to learn that it is much more in this great city, skyscrapers, many people and really fantastic parades. Although in reality it is the wonderful people of this city, which make the exciting has become place of visit, there are still more is in this city, who see it in TV shows and news.

New York is a city full of interesting people from all kinds of Fund with all kinds of hopes and dreams of the future and past experience. You will find a work of art as a few places in the world, is more nature here than in the most major cities of the world and you can enjoy just more cultures and nationalities represented hour in this city the most people in other parts of their life experience. The real melting pot of the world and the rest of America is just trying New York, catch of the day.

For the music and the arts, which is representative of cultures, that they call this great city. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of the exotic and strange worlds by you walking through the streets of the neighborhood where people dinner at night made easy. Listen a day when you dream probably think of more languages, and while it all with the idea of the sensory overload that anyone would be crazy is like life, most of them are looking for in you think that it would be crazy, to live in any place of another.

Perhaps the largest, what about the visit of the city of New York. A moment, you may experience the excitement that from living in this fascinating city. You can understand what it for those who live there. And you can understand what such as being alone in a city of millions from first-hand, and yet one of them, are in any way to this vast community of foreign from different cultures various Pasadosy include other future.

Most people visit to New York with certain preconceived ideas and specific objectives for your visits. It is expected that the preconceived ideas in question will be made and the plans have been made, are flexible. There is a lot to do and see that it could be from any form of your hotel block and probably find something new each time only to that passed. My point is that you will discover time which will need to stop to experience wonderful things not in the guides. There is only so much of this city, which could possibly find someone to write about. I imagine, that it the New Yorker, which every day could eat at a different restaurant, same without eating in the twice in five or ten years. I find it hard to believe that a book can keep all leaders interesting in this city could find and if you spend throughout the visit with the head in the book could something Miss really value the punishment.

That being said, it is a good idea to make plans depending on your budget and only I call the things you want to see, change the room in the schedule. The statue of freedom is great, but it takes a while to get back and forth. It is possible to take some photos, buy some postcards and two or three others enjoy activities have in the period takes it was get in return? Plans were made to change where it is possible, especially in the holiday. I seriously recommend, that you are at least two hours doing every day something he discovered instead of something planned book.

New York is the paradise of the buyer

New York is a treasure of the many things that is quite difficult, mentioned one thing as talking this wonderful city select. If you are a natural born buyer Hunter negotiations but it would be remiss not to go to New York with the idea to find some fantastic bargains in the eye.

I can think for many places in the world, who have quite the number of options available to New Yorkers on a daily basis. It is difficult to imagine that there are people, the never really feel that small extra % has felt or find a perfect piece of the second hand for less than a quarter of which, what they who would the new item costs. At the same time, there are very few things that I have to pay the full price for mentally justify.

Maybe that's why is New York in the sky of the buyer for me. There are so many shipping warehouses, stores the used clothing shops, how often and end offers in clothing. Furniture there is shipping, products of the House, see also tools at bargain prices in very specialized shipping and second-hand shops. Electronics and devices, see these types of stores as well. All the wonderful things that can be found prices bargains from those who are really willing to find them is truly amazing.

In addition to the many shipping and used transactions of the types of goodwill, which can be found in the city of New York, there are also many outlet stores, which offer lower prices of recent years Overstock or something poorly pattern. It's amazing the deals you can find when these stores have sales. After Christmas shopping malls shopping of course their regular shopping or some very similar value NET can a couple of weeks that it has initiated the school. The real beauty lies in the fact that these stores can indeed go, as long as sales underway are cabinets for children for the next school year (provided that the rapid growth abnormal in some occurs).

Shopping for you is more as a call to an adventure then a great time trying the close to only walk through the many malls and shopping center of New York to obtain so many wonderful bargains in your head and how everyone in this city it not very present is bankrupt or particularly Ernst due to the credit card are spent far beyond the borders.

Of course, my Kryptonite is shoes. I have a hard time walking through a sale of shoes, even though I know that the price is not as good as it could or should. I love above all Birkenstock shoes. You can simply not buy second hand of Birkenstock and even, if the sales prices of these shoes are more than what you would pay for many commercial completed. As soon as I thought that the shoes were more ugly on the planet, and while you do not agree are likely, that the most beautiful are the most comfortable shoes I have ever used. If there ever was one good sale shoes and one for running whirlwind is brunette, is probably me singing "no see no evil, no. evil, speak no evil" and tried to convince me that there really is nothing to see here.

New York is a gold mine for nature lovers

You probably don't realize that New York, in fact the greenest city in America. Close out of a total 200,000 hectares of land, more than 50,000 hectares of park or open space. While Central Park is the most famous green spaces in the city of New York only the number of parks is five of the ten largest the town.

For the lovers of nature, New York City may not seem to be the OASIS for wildlife is really. There are many things that extended enable your appreciation of the nature or opportunities about nature or just outside in New York and to enjoy to educate.

New York home of about 1,700 of parks and parks is (seasonal), activities such as cycling, inline enjoy skating, ice skating rink you line boating, basketball, Skate boarding, softball, soccer, tennis, Frisbee, or even an enthusiastic game of the day with the little that is to the eyes. Sure to bring a blanket, so you can lie on your back and watch the clouds pass. While you're at it are, see under if a lost bird or two that can be identified.

For nature lovers, there are many places in the vicinity of New York City. For those who are interested in birdwatching, Botanic Garden, offers guided tours of New York. Blue Heron Park is another great place for bird watching. Some of the varieties are you his recording: birds, woodpeckers, and warblers. Clove offers not only birds, but also fishing, nautical line, nautical paddle and ice skating in the Open Lakes Park, when the weather allows.

Who activities, a little more action than the bird watching (sometimes good) require it prefer nature, there are many excellent opportunities in and around New York fish go. Charles A. Dana Discovery Center of Central Park is a great place to "Catch and Release" go fishing. You can provide even a pole. You can fish in the spiritual Park. While you are there, make sure that children ride the carousel, much smiles for the small prize is $1 NET (currently). Other activities in mental Park: archery, figure skating, a series of archery, football, soccer, tennis, Horseshoe and horseshoes.

If life is more your speed, or simply enjoy watching the most obvious signs of nature, then there are many ways to observe the incredible richness of flora and vegetation in and around New York. Central Park Conservatory garden offers six acres beautiful life enjoy plants. You can see three characteristic patterns in the gardens here. The North Lawn a French garden is to be inspired, Centerfield aims, an Italian atmosphere garden offer, during the southern traditional English garden style is. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers a new chance for fans to enjoy the best in the vegetation, which has to offer in New York. This garden has developed even a special Club, young people your thumbs green get Interior. Be sure to remove it.

Another area of the park that bears mentioning is Belvedere castle and the pond turtle which including the running. Schloss Belvedere is a great place for bird watching and wildlife that surround it only increases their appeal. Sure, by the Central Park Conservatory at Schloss Belvedere stop to loan a backpack with binoculars, a sketchpad and a map of the Park to help, birds take clock as a professional. You must provide ID and can not hire children under the age of 6.

If you like nature, they are not concerned, it is to share a lot of nature and enjoy in the city of New York. Make sure that you take the time to enjoy several parks for your during your stay in this wonderful and exciting city.

Places to play in New York

New York has much to offer young children and adults alike a little better than playing a great game, video or otherwise. For those who enjoy this particular pastime, there are many unique opportunities in New York, who can participate in the games that both spend to enjoy time with friends and family.

Astroland on Coney Iceland has much to offer the adventurous player amusement park. Emotion and chills in the half mountain Russian cyclone and many wonderful walks between, this park offers also rooms of the arcade game Street, where you can play video games. This is great for rainy days, if you can not go traveling, or simply if it is too hot for online support. Great father and Sol is also an experience of the link to play together and see who has the edge in any time.

Dave and Busters is a unique experience offers a wide range of options for gameplay. This is not your average arcade all food, the means. In fact, this is not your children or their arcade games. Dave and Busters offers large and good food fun under one roof and you have the option, I recommend the big kid to prove it.

ESPN Zone is a great place to spend the day with the family. They provide food, fun and 200 television. Who could more questions? The food is the type of American grill food and entertainment is usually thematic and interactive sports. If you for a great way to us with the children this is definitely better than Chuck e. cheese, especially for older children.

Nintendo World store is another wonderful attraction, which is 10 Rockefeller Plaza. This nice shop have their children think that you are only the best father of the planet to take them. The natural questions for all, what you, but buy a few minutes the cold above see, that they hear the word not tired grow arrested. Want to relax at some point, however, is it offer some products, that this store unique and is not in other places. Although you have it and then have questions can be sent home for a surprise is then better not expect always too late to know get something (at least not without an expensive trip to New York City). Perhaps one of the best things about this is emphasis that their children can, try games, have not been deallocated, but with return to the school of what can the inside scoop on the latest Nintendo Games and once again is the world's best MOM.

Also for parents technologically challenged among us it is often a good idea, enjoy playing with their children. Even when WINS or perhaps most importantly, if they win, hope that they are better than the winner, when we were kids. I think that any of the time with our children to play every opportunity, we must take. You are growing so fast and one day no longer asked to play with them.

Accommodation bargains to be found

One of the things that I noticed through my travels, that the possibility of much earlier even get any people often give up. The art of bartering seems a lost art, such as the art of comparison shopping. When it comes to travel and vacation, every cent on accommodation, is to save food and transport a penny has to spend on entertainment and adventure.

No doubt there are plenty of both in the wonderful city of New York and a holiday here is very similar to Alice in Wonderland. It is easy to do and to see that it is almost impossible to know where I start. I recommend that you raise money to save before ever reaching the city agree. One of the ways that it is to invest a little time each night and make copious notes I have discussed, where and what they had to offer on price and bonuses of accommodation.

Most of the hotels is now very ready to their beds fill incentives guests warm body. All good managers know that earn a bed she earned more money than empty beds and the more money under his care, more secure in their positions under his care. This means that if you said wonderful comments about other hotels have provisional agreements with are most likely able to reach an agreement with one or more of them, that it is much cheaper and the original agreement offered.

This course will not work if it has a weekend, this is likely a weekend of the popular travel as well as a popular festival or weekend trip this is if you are considering probably isn't the best idea and should be for each offer, the be happy. Having said, almost every other weekend on the planet is game right unless there are some very large and popular local events a sale in bulk for the local hotel industry,.

What can not you all often get a better price, said by packages, gift certificates for the gift of hotel go between two hotels in competition, but also stored additional benefits like tickets to shows, meals, Spa in the Hotel Spa. There is often little things administrator is willing to do to your business with the adoption of (often right might add), is the difference in the plug-in the and make other purchases.

Some administrators may disrupt and be frugal with cheap be confused. Don't forget end right. It is one thing to save be frugal and another thing just cheap by the. Well, this is not the staff you will remember for a long time, when you are away. But that is all together a different story. The trick is, to administrators on the phone are always friendly and goes with the best treatment.

It is also important, to the best deal may not in the cheapest rooms. If you are one or two meals a day of your stay and pay only $5 César more is $10 per day for the privilege, that very well succeed you negotiations, in particular, if a meal dinner.

Family friendly New York

Many people forget that New York is a city full of families and plan, that your vacation is without much thought to the possibilities of entertainment, in the city of New York Kinder abound. It's with only sense to see so many families living in this city, which has to do many family oriented things and places.

For example, there are five zoos in the city of New York; some of them better known than others. Five zoos are Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, the Bronx Zoo and Staten Iceland Zoo. Each Zoo has somewhat differently than others, and if you have a real animal lover in your family there is really no harm stop of all of them. Even if you buy the New York pass you will find that most offer this Zoo free of charge for the cardholder.

For the child, loves the theater, New York City offers many theatre productions that could adapt to him or her well. The first place geared to girls and American girl. You can enjoy restaurants, shops and theatres, during a day with your special child. It is a great link experience for mothers and daughters. Theatre of Manhattan children produces various high-quality programs for children and families throughout the year at very reasonable prices (also available for those, the close of season tickets life). The new victory, the Theater offers a different kind of theatre experience families enjoy. Paper bags are see experience. They offer a different kind of theatre for children, which encourages the participation of the public to do so, the children involved in the dramatic process. If you need to remove the time also TADA! Youth theatre to their children show that even children have talent they need to explored are and it can make a difference not only in their own lives, but also in the lives of others.

In addition to the main activities mentioned there museums several children located in New York, as well as offer other museums, exhibitions of interest to their children. The following museums worth resign even if he decides, look for other places of entertainment: Brooklyn Museum, Staten Iceland children children Museum, children Museum of Manhattan, FDNY fire zone, the comic and the Cartoon Art Museum, New York City Hall of ScienceLaboratorio of technology by Sony wonder Museum of farm holidays in Queens and Ripley or not! Times Square. There are many museums in the city, which can provide a lot of family entertainment and education, but only some of the museums for children are more in the city.

Shopping is a fun and educational process often, which gets ignored often high or even when it comes to children. However would be remiss to things to do, mention the great families in New York not to mention some of the wonderful children retailers, in this city are abound. Books of wonder is aptly named because it brings to us as children of these books, that instead of this miracle and gives us the opportunity to share these books with our children. You are old and rare books, as well as many excellent current book selection. New York is also home to his family, luminaires with joy make largest build a bear store in the world, carrying the lovers. It is the FAO Schwarz, a store of toys of their own and the price of the trip to NYC alone almost value. Old and young children enjoy an afternoon here. Toys r US Times Square offers but in brine of attraction to get a part of the dinosaur of competition families off the door and buy toys. The allow you make sure that your children ride the Ferris wheel and get a copy of the photograph as a souvenir.

New York wins a reputation for a much softer side aligned family much more. You can prevent the reputation of the city most recently make this the choice for a family holiday, would be not ideal, the.

Fabulous fun for children in New York

If you are looking to do for fun wall what is with their children during the trip to New York City, there are many ways to enjoy your visit, in the majority of the leaders did not have read. These are things a bit by the hit route but much fun for you and your child.

Baby loves disco in heaven and I entitled to left-handed monthly clubs are an opportunity for parents and children, a ' night on the town of ' dance disco, decisions of the bubble to GenießenBoxing juice and dance in the night a great time. You should be knowing, when offered and early they with the clubs grows the popularity of this event are coming and there is usually a long line wait is to obtain. Moms and dads is almost as much as enough not something that will be babies love and a new concept in every major city. It is still a relatively new idea, to grow starting around the country.

Jazz-A - Ma-Taz is a funny show the family involved and participate in the development of jazz music played. It is important to remember that the jazz music is less formal than other forms of music and this much makes it more enjoyable and fun for the children involved, and you can see to develop their little ladies and a deep appreciation for this genre of wonderful music. Entries for this are $8 at the Bowery Poetry Club. If they hope to cultivate a serious love of jazz in their children or want to simply encourage to study music and the world around them, this is a great way to spend a part of their vacation in New York City with their children.

In addition to these important activities, which are a little off the beaten path there many opportunities for their children to explore the wonderful musicals that are available on Broadway or in the theatre in many of the children around the city to see the art, as well as programs that offer shows throughout the year in the many parks in the city in New York. It of never too early to teach children to love and respect for the arts, as it will take the lessons, your whole life.

Also a wonderful idea to any time your children activities involved in get, that they get up and move. If time were not invited may time game a good idea to remove the cover of many playgrounds, the New York provides an outlet for his energy just to give you and get some much needed exercise, who disguises herself as a game.

The many parks in the city of New York found that this a groartiger place to visit for many reasons. For these reasons, very the wealth of free entertainment that is available is simply. Parks offer possibilities children endless in good weather, to exercise and contacts. This is something that all United States well to many other cities would do, take to heart. For activities and events that your child enjoy more and you take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy these moments together.

Coney Iceland must one in New York

If you never been to New York City, can not claim are gone, unless, of course, it was go the infamous promenades of Coney Iceland up. It is important to understand above all that Coney is seasonal Iceland open just so your trip should plan accordingly. The second thing is important, is to understand about Coney Iceland, that there no central operation property.

Most of the attractions in Coney Iceland close immediately or very soon after days of work. The beach and the Royal promenade are open to the public year-round, sometimes they are simply comments than others. Hot dogs Nathan and New York Aquarium remain open after the summer season to an end and they work almost every day throughout the year. The Coney Iceland Museum is open throughout the year the weekend from 12: 00 to 17: 00. In the summer season when tourism is high along the Malecon, the two major theme parks: Astroland and wonder wheel Park has sponsored shows of fireworks Fridays at 9: 30.

The Coney Iceland amusement parks are only a part of the attraction, but work for many people to this place of unique entertainment every year. Astroland amusement park is the largest park of the sights in the city of New York. The cyclone is the most famous journey in this particular Park and it is a journey that is the world known by fans of the roller coaster. It is a wooden roller coaster, which offers an exciting journey. Other major rides in the Park are the Astroflume, the dancer break, Astroland carousel, sudden changes in the top spin, Dante Inferno, tickets and Tower of Astro. For children, it is a very good selection of walks of children who you talk to, while older children enjoy some of the most emotion-oriented attractions. If you are looking for a day of good food and lots of fun in the Sun Astroland is a great place to be.

Wonder wheel Park of has is known for his wonderful wheel. Cars in this magnificent journey are red, white and blue (not of them patriotic?) Balance of the red cards and blue and white cars stationary. The spook-A-Rama is a more popular if not scare walk in the Park of the wheel which is wonderful. You need a shot of emotion and leaks to try the Super shot but only if you have a 52 "or more or the bar, the a request of 48" height has. And what would be complete without a taste of car accident day in Coney Iceland? There are also many excursions for children to pick on your way.

For something a little quiet that thrills and chills in amusement parks, Coney is also Iceland home to New York in Coney Iceland Aquarium. This is experienced a good way, you more about marine life and enjoy their children see, fascinating sea creatures in other circumstances, would be unlikely. There are more than 8,000 animals in the New York Aquarium represented. It is not only a fascinating adventure itself, you need to enjoy their hairstyle not victims.

Also the Coney Iceland Museum is value a look. Find relics of old rides and spent in the memories of the days Museum, as well as incredible views of the tours available today. The price of admission is quite affordable, in 99 cents, and is fun to visit and the Sun a little. No trip to Coney Iceland is really complete without stopping at least in the Museum. The island can clean bathrooms. Coney Iceland is one of the best things about a visit to New York. If you can plan your trip to New York if the parks are open and the promenade is recommend you spend a night of the weekend on the beach promenade.

Broadway singing in New York

I think a visit to New York for a holiday or just one or two-day visit, I rather than think Broadway and the delicious shows that expect housing the joy of entertainment in this holy. Broadway is the essence of New York. Shifts can beat in tone, strong, rowdy, soft, romantic, funny and hilarious rip roaringly rise. Broadway has everything for those who are willing to search for your perfect fit.

The problem with Broadway is that so many wonderful performances see it and the limited time (for most of us), see. Also don't appreciate those who have live enough time in the city of New York, to the artistic treasure that is represented in this beautiful city that never sleeps. The truth of the matter is, that to enjoy the Theater offers available, almost never to sleep should.


It is important to remember that all shows at all times are not available. Check to see the program, play his visit before getting out of their hopes. For the musical, which by the way my favorite types of Broadway are entertainment. The Chicago musical, Forbidden Broadway (it offers a hilarious parody of Broadway), Jersey Boys, naked boys singing (are certainly!), Phantom of the Opera, rent, wicked and Mamma Mia!


Broadway is known for his nose in the Convention, also as to allow the her hair down and have a good old of hitchhike. The same applies to today's Broadway debut. It comedies and the Broadway musicals are not each other out, so that some of the above joy then a certain amount of song and dance (probably a bit of both but they definitely laugh). To get started, the comedies! I love now change you, your perfect, (seriously, this is the name that we are a good start on the way to laugh). Dog sees Dios: Confessions of a teenage Blockhead (I believe that someone read it in my child Windows in a night - this is really of Broadway, but I thought that with the catchy title and all mentioned). Spamalot. This is Star rises on reviews from critics and a very well attended so buy your tickets soon! The producers, which was a film and the little dog recently round my list of comedies laughed. I hope that you have seen something that seems a good laugh; I know that I have seen some!


While many people who think happy go lucky dance and that Broadway is often associated with it is a dramatic depth Flash, as well as bids. In particular the following are some of the musicals that contain in-depth news about music, life and love between these wonderful icons of Broadway: rent - a very La Bohème music of modern life, which is probably one of the best Broadway musical I have ever seen and that I am a big fan of mind meets. Les Misérables is an another drama of Broadway, which needs no introduction, really, Grey Gardens is perfect for who is fear as a Lady of cat or spinster A chorus line, Chicago, the color purple, Phantom of the Opera (my favorite) and the vertical hour (this is a new expect hard).

There are a few family atmosphere, music and works, mentioned among them are the following: evil, the Phantom of the Opera (may be a little scary for young children during certain scenes), Tarzan, the Lion King, Mary pop pin Mama Mia!How the Grinch Stole Christmas and beautiful and the beast. They know your child best and what will be or not scary for them or may be too uncomfortable questions for you, lead Broadway plays with account view of most.

Broadway is a good way to really enjoy what has to offer New York to its visitors for entertainment. While it would be difficult to see that each show will attract your attention is quite possible that the time to see you want to and are an experience for the whole family.

Vitamins promote healthy ageing

People do not realize what vitamins for you can do. Vitamins are ideal for those who need you. On the other hand, if you have enough vitamins, you need then no regime of vitamins. Construction of vitamins in the system that already has a lot, or sufficient nutrients can harm. Vitamins do look younger and feel younger as well as you feel good about themselves, always need treatment for your system installed.

How do get I information is what vitamins good for me?

We are natural vitamins in the food we eat. Sometimes, not the right amount get so you have to vitamins, which come in many forms. You receive in a form of pill, liquid, powder, etc... If vitamins, that works not for you, your doctor you give a shot. You can get almost all the vitamins you need in the local pharmacies. You can find in supermarkets, Department stores vitamins and so on. If you can determine which vitamins for you are, please consult your doctor. You can have some recommendations. In fact should first visit your family doctor and ask them what suitable vitamins for your body can be.

How vitamins can help: take vitamins help you relieve stress.? Vitamins help control your weight and help with cold and flu to be sick. There are many vitamins to help you. Many different types can be drawn at their local pharmacy. He is his best friend, as well as with regard to your health care provider. You can help you find out which vitamins for your type of body are most appropriate.

What types of vitamins should be taken into account and to what purpose?

You have a wide range of vitamins to choose from, including A B1, B6, B12, E, D, K and so on. B1 is designed to help your heart function in the order. The vitamin helps his central nervous system, helps you to have a better attitude in life. B1 will give you energy, as it is known that the exchange of sugar in the blood, energy transfer. B1 promotes a healthy mucous membrane and promote muscle functions and cardio-vascular system.

How to decide if you vitamins: some things that you can feel when low of vitamins are fatigue. You may feel muscle tenderness or experience of insomnia. Insomnia can benefit from melatonin supplements. You can get natural vitamins corn bread, nuts, oats, cereals, wheat flour, etc. Also, you eat many fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins you need.

If you are cold, you benefit from vitamin c. If you are looking for anti-aging vitamins consider that s, since according to experts, vitamin E is responsible for the maintenance of oxygen in the blood, reduction of more than 40% of oxygen, which also required the heart. It has also linked vitamin E to influential anticoagulants. Some experts believe that the vitamin decreases blood clotting by expanding the blood vessels. When you the vitamin you young and healthy looking, then vitamin E, contains 200 units for you.

A stabilizer for the youth and the strong blood is German expert Wolf and Luczak vitamin E. If this the case, then cells die is quickly replaced by new cells. Cell death is responsible for many diseases such as cancer, AIDS, HIV, leukemia, and so on. In fact, t cells, which affect certain types of cancer, herpes liable for AIDS, simplex, and so on.

Vitamin e and healthy ageing

Do you know that UI vitamin and struggle can help at least 200 daily against various diseases? Studies found that this alpha-tocopherol, or vitamin has demonstrated control of certain diseases E. Studies show that vitamin E with maintenance of oxygen and potentially offers cures for various diseases can help. Every day you can crop up to 40% or more oxygen canning 200 IU, which controlled the body organs and heart. The vitamin seem to have a "anticoagulant" has been found to support the functions of the body in General. Vitamin e has been found to reduce blood clotting and can help prevent heart disease.

Help the vitamin that flows with the enlargement of the blood vessels. This means that the heart blood flow, that it deserves, to stay healthy. Vitamin e is also connected to an anti-aging solution. Many doctors believe that this vitamin helps to stabilize the overall development of a person or due date. In fact, as German doctors vitamin and the fountain of youth. Vitamin e found in extensive studies to promote the blood circulation. According to the results, vitamin E if type is a record with aging.

Vitamin e is connected for the promotion of haemoglobin. Since impact of aging in cells from blood and bone marrow, doctors believe that the support vitamin E to hemoglobin is a possible solution for the solution of haemoglobin disorders. Our structure of haemoglobin stops oxygen for a long time, which means that the oxygen flow without any problems. Vitamin and it was connected to reduce the risk of disease, since it means that the oxygen in the cavities remain the hemoglobin in a long time. This means that a healthy and young people will live life the person.

Sometimes such as ageing, slows down the blood that is in our system. Vitamin e works, so that blood flow smooth. In view of the facts, the doctors found that vitamin can D reduce the risk of anaemia. Vitamin e was discovered, can the blood, so that soft flow throughout the body clean. As far as, the age, our body experiences many changes, to apply for plates of aging. These plates if generation is falling, Crowfeet, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Vitamin e works to maintain and potentially away fatty acids, which are saturated keep the metabolism. (More information on hydrocarbons and peroxides, aging the toxins)

What fat saturated join with vitamin E, ageing to delay time. We need a degree of fatty acids, although acids build construction elements, that the promotion of ageing. Vitamin e showed signs of control blood fat, keeping fats at Bay. Fat of blood associated with aging. We therefore see that vitamin E has much to offer. However, some experts argue that the vitamin E has side effects, which could cause damage; many other experts hold the support offered vitamin e.

Vitamin e has also shown signs of a reduction in the diseases of the muscles. The healthy regime of vitamin E daily can reduce arthritic symptoms according to experts. According to experts, arthritis and his sister, components with the rapid aging can be linked.

Vitamin e has shown to reduce the cramps in the legs. In fact, the proof of the qualification their patients by doctors studied. Vitamin E doctors recommend patients defendants cramps in the legs. During this particular study of patients stopped vitamin and reported from leg cramps. The patient was asked once again to start the vitamin, and then he went back to your doctor, left to visit the cramps in the legs. The studies were carried out in the California and American medical colleges. Learn more about vitamin E and what can we do to find his goal of the research for you, your article.

Things to do, to healthy life aging

Ageing is a natural process that all will face one day. Years, which begins to sink our bodies produce natural resources that we all need. When the body decreases symptoms of aging, including wrinkles, Crowfeet, gain weight weight loss, cellulite, and so on. To reduce the symptoms of ageing, we need to take to keep our health.

The list is not: no exercise before going to bed. Exercise will receive all accelerated and raises your heart rate, will receive you, and then you can not relax. Better results are exercise programs in the morning, because it increases their energy. When you wake up, you evolve in continuing his time will be much easier. On the other hand, some people prefer training in the afternoon. If you in the afternoon is good, because the energy of the first part of his day lost will fuel pump. Exaggerating it not work out at your own pace. Do what your body can do. It can work at night, it works only with one or two hours before going to bed. Is to increase it to the energy, but for the moment, in the evening return to make you feel relaxed.

What keeps you awake?

Snoring is something that can keep awake at night. Sometimes snoring is sleep the case of obesity or error and so on. If you have a snoring problem, perhaps visit your doctor will help find answers to your problem. Lose weight through exercise type can activity you need, the bones, as well as sleep and sometimes losing weight is not bad for us. His partner can RonCa, which in the night awake kept. If your snoring partner request to visit, is it the doctor to find out, whether a medical condition. It is better to know now, instead of waiting until it is too late.

Depression and stress may be that we get a quiet night's sleep. Try to take yoga practice. Yoga will help you in the development of skills of meditation. The skills you acquire will help you to relax. Yoga exercises reduce ugly depressive symptoms, including the stress. Will also help to hear aromatherapy and music, relax and to reduce the depression and stress.

If you do not seem to get lucky, try it and had the feeling that its still awake consult always your health care provider not sleep in the morning. Talk to your doctor to see if you can have ideas with you live healthy. Perhaps you can to your doctor with resources, healthy, peaceful sleep sleep provide.

Healthy eating: healthy food is another good way to healthy ageing life. If you on a daily basis the appropriate food groups eaten, build needed their bodies with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for healthy living. As it grows, is your body more than a matter of which have a different but what. Ask your doctor about proper diet so that you are healthy grow with age.

Vitamins and herbs are a great way to increase their health and reduce the risk of disease. When your body gets adequate vitamins you need, your body work longer live. It has a wide range of vitamins, the you available, but you need to know the two groups, prior to the adoption regime. Search for water and fat-soluble. Herbs will provide a health kit, which helps in the healthy aging as well.

The working environment in healthy aging

Healthy ageing is sometimes risky during his days work. As a younger person go where the money then we believe that you work.

Ageing is hard to think when you are in his youth. The money is the only thing on our minds, and that's not good sometimes. Sometimes we have to take, what our family care available is and at the same time, we could put us even at risk later.

We had to work in places which were not good for your health, but we have, to a living, to keep a roof over our heads. Some jobs are not good in chemicals, dust and smoke.

Make work in a business of wood furniture is not good for the lungs and pulmonary disease can cause. Some machines require bringing together glue to the parties. Glue is something else, you can get to the lungs of smoking. Finally, you can get to much sawdust or glue smoke in the lungs that cause cancer or asthma.

Work in the mines, coal is another bad place to work. The work as workers from the life of the coal miners is always a risk. Black coal dust produced in the lungs as dust from furniture and can cause that serious lung diseases. It is known that men have died so many years work in coal mines.

The sawmill industry is dangerous work number one, so that someone can work. Work in a sawmill during the winter, which is the highlight of that season can cause that men in the cold sick to get breathing problems from the cold. The case of trees and men are captured, among them sometimes kill you and many injuries. As you get older, the bones are weakened and brittle and as a tree in love was with someone in 50 there is no good thing.

Fishermen in the fishing industry are too much to do a hard and dangerous. Do not stop, aging and these men are in the middle of the River somewhere and sometimes hit storms move the ship. The work is hard and dangerous. You could cause that injury; She could drown. However, is in the nature of the work will endanger not him as some other types of jobs.

Truck drivers have a dangerous work, it is to meet all the time with a schedule in order to make the large sums of money on the street. Truck drivers drive and compromising drive with lack of sleep to themselves and others. Truck driver on the road in the 1960s are in danger, it is not good for the health of the road at all times. Their health will decline, due to the fact that eat many meals fast and the lack of sleep.

As it progresses the aging process in the United States, we need to think all, what we breathe in the lungs or do to our bodies. Diets that we are in the workplace should be not generally balanced as you.

Urges us, making money, it is harmful to our body and mind. Spirit requires bed rest to break proper diet and sleep properly the next day and the needs of the body and causes a number of diseases to be able to prevent. Without the proper diet and exercise, the bones are caused fractures later in life fragile and weak. Now, consider your work so that you can live a healthy ageing.