The working environment in healthy aging

Healthy ageing is sometimes risky during his days work. As a younger person go where the money then we believe that you work.

Ageing is hard to think when you are in his youth. The money is the only thing on our minds, and that's not good sometimes. Sometimes we have to take, what our family care available is and at the same time, we could put us even at risk later.

We had to work in places which were not good for your health, but we have, to a living, to keep a roof over our heads. Some jobs are not good in chemicals, dust and smoke.

Make work in a business of wood furniture is not good for the lungs and pulmonary disease can cause. Some machines require bringing together glue to the parties. Glue is something else, you can get to the lungs of smoking. Finally, you can get to much sawdust or glue smoke in the lungs that cause cancer or asthma.

Work in the mines, coal is another bad place to work. The work as workers from the life of the coal miners is always a risk. Black coal dust produced in the lungs as dust from furniture and can cause that serious lung diseases. It is known that men have died so many years work in coal mines.

The sawmill industry is dangerous work number one, so that someone can work. Work in a sawmill during the winter, which is the highlight of that season can cause that men in the cold sick to get breathing problems from the cold. The case of trees and men are captured, among them sometimes kill you and many injuries. As you get older, the bones are weakened and brittle and as a tree in love was with someone in 50 there is no good thing.

Fishermen in the fishing industry are too much to do a hard and dangerous. Do not stop, aging and these men are in the middle of the River somewhere and sometimes hit storms move the ship. The work is hard and dangerous. You could cause that injury; She could drown. However, is in the nature of the work will endanger not him as some other types of jobs.

Truck drivers have a dangerous work, it is to meet all the time with a schedule in order to make the large sums of money on the street. Truck drivers drive and compromising drive with lack of sleep to themselves and others. Truck driver on the road in the 1960s are in danger, it is not good for the health of the road at all times. Their health will decline, due to the fact that eat many meals fast and the lack of sleep.

As it progresses the aging process in the United States, we need to think all, what we breathe in the lungs or do to our bodies. Diets that we are in the workplace should be not generally balanced as you.

Urges us, making money, it is harmful to our body and mind. Spirit requires bed rest to break proper diet and sleep properly the next day and the needs of the body and causes a number of diseases to be able to prevent. Without the proper diet and exercise, the bones are caused fractures later in life fragile and weak. Now, consider your work so that you can live a healthy ageing.

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