Hormones and all the good things in healthy aging

Stomach weight associated with the completion of the age of the arteries. The arteries of blood into the system supply and if you can be blocked to lead, that many problems for you. Obesity can lead to an attack on the heart, memory loss, the skin also occur wrinkles and lines, which can, to blocked arteries. Their diet is to keep an important role in helping clear the arteries. It is necessary, a certain amount of fat contained in your diet, if nothing more nuts eating a sandwich of were.

Keeping you which helps spirit activities occupied and enjoy to avoid the brain and depression, anxiety and stress. Everyone seems to these three things because years get slow and not enough to leave. It is very important, think your mind to avoid people and this exercise and provide as much be.

Will find your diet keep it in the control and enjoy many activities. You can feel and better with age. We can take into account all these aspects, but to find a clear idea of what healthy ageing means for you, we have to consider the hormones.

The glands produce many hormones, including human growth hormones. (HgH) Science shows produced enough of the body but years is not freed. Low levels of human growth hormones cause wrinkles of the skin and reduce energy and sexual performance. Gray hair is caused by hormonal deficiencies. The hormone also lead that increases in body fat and puts you at risk for heart disease. Will lose muscle mass of the poor of HgH, which can lead to the reduction of body organs.

Studies that show results of 26 men. These men were between 61 and early 1980's. Studies show the aging process more slow human growth hormone supplement 10-20 years as a whole. After HgH muscle strength showed these men improvements, increased. The skin tone was improved, and memory. He has not the global ageing but improved signs of maturity important stopped.

Vitamin a is known, that help the eyes, but more recent studies, it was discovered that it also free, human helps growth hormones. Keep in mind that if you buy supplements in health food store labels not always you are correct.

To all hormone use, that you make sure additions, to consult with your doctor, only he or she knows what is best for you. Replacement therapy, vitamins or dietary supplements can already include side effects, you want to to his first Council of doctors before the administration of those resources.

Women depend on estrogen, maintain healthy bones. Women need these hormones to reduce the risk of decrease in bone density. Women often experience symptoms that results from osteoporosis, when estrogen poor. Estrogen levels decrease, often when a woman older and generally fall after menopause lipids of women.

This can result in too high cholesterol, it increases the LDL cholesterol. In addition, the increase in the lipid levels cause disease to blocked arteries or blood vessel / coronary artery can. If a woman, it goes through menopause, starts it at the age of reason the ovaries start to reduce the production of progesterone and estrogen. These important hormones, to stop the menstrual cycle, taxes at this time.

Men are to maintain testosterone to his youth. This hormone controls the libido in men, the growth of hair, face and so on. We all have our hormones, but perform many actions, in some cases, require replacement since age. It will sometimes replace the hormones to slow the aging process, thus promoting healthy ageing.


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