Promotion of healthy ageing, medical record-keeping

Most of the people walking through life taking from the observation of others, but took to save not notes to your health as you age. Medical documents are kept by doctors for many years, and to keep track of these men and women, their health. When the doctor enough that your health, why not you?

How to keep records: you need a daily. In the newspaper, date, place, time, and so on to record their hospital stay. If possible diagnoses and physicians who, write it record you your name in the newspaper.

You want to record the history of his family. Make a note of each person in the family tree and the name of the diagnosis. For example, if your family has a history of diabetes, you provide it. Paper and pencil, write all the information, which help your doctor monitor your health and make an accurate diagnosis, where the disease occurs. They are based not on his memory. At the time it not memory, perhaps, that his family may have a history of Alzheimer's disease. Create copies of medical data, for use on paper. Put copies in good hands, copies in the case of copies be someone who can be trusted, ageing to lose. Put all your backups in a secure area.

You want to record about vaccine vaccines or vaccines. Records of laboratory visits, results, conditions and treatments, to be retrieved. Entries should be updated annually. For example, if in the year 2000, were with a disease that caused diagnosed his liver to reduce the size, but the disease is curable, write it. Note in the next year, if you notice that similar symptoms, the new information in his diary. Want to give copies as needed with your doctor.

Once it is written in the medical journal, you can move in the study of diseases, which could have at the same time. For example, if it had a visit from recurrence of colds in their history, learn more about the upper respiratory tract. If there other illnesses throughout of his life with time to study these diseases. Understanding that the disease for the acceptance of moves, moves you on prevention?

Prevention is the keyword which you want to focus on, if it comes to your health. As you get older, functions of the body begin, their actions to reduce that puts you at high risk of disease. Use the records that you want to study diseases, you may have had his whole life. In addition, use your records to study genetic disease. For example, have a family history of diabetes, investigate the matter. Notes on diagnoses, therapies, treatments, and so on.

If you have consequences this friendly advice, when you start age advantages. For example, in the future, if you are diagnosed with diabetes as know. The first thing you notice is the symptoms. We know that symptoms feelings of prolonged hunger, fatigue, dizziness, etc...

It could be notes on the symptoms that occur when you sick and immediately to contact their family doctor. You are in the Office of now take tests, etc. laboratory, find out what is wrong with your body. Again, that you relax, feel, given the fact that you know that it recognised at an early stage of diabetes doctor's with the results of the Office gives opportunity to heal slowly to a doctor or the mother of all diseases of life. The torturer silence is a well-known serial killer, everyone should understand. More information for healthy aging see your doctor more information online, or at your local library.

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