Disorders of sleep and healthy ageing

U.S. studies have shown that 70% of the population need not good sleep, you get. For this reason, you have the people health problems, depression and so on. Adequate rest will help you to maintain your health in good condition. If you need a good rest, which affects his concentration. Stay health needs exercise, living and good daily rest period.

As a person at the age of the body goes through senescence, or changes from the ordinary. Functions of the body begin to reduce their actions. Sleep disorders you for this reason, we suffer, including insomnia.

What you should know: agreement with philosophers, theorists, experts, etc. Women often experience insomnia than men. While many people find it difficult to fall asleep, suffering some of us see insomnia, which is more difficult on our health. On the other hand, if you sleep too much during hours later, will affect his concentration, affect your memory and cause other problems, such as sleep at night. If to much sleep, such as insomnia, high blood pressure can take you. Heart disease and strokes are often inadequate or oversleeping and causing. You need to learn about sleep apnea, is a common sleep disorder. This disorder is more difficult to detect than any other disease to sleep. Sleep is often regarded by members of sleep apnea. Doctors can see only rarely the disease later to a partner sleep. Disease cause the person awake at night after air snap. During the hours of the day, the person often removed in the sleep out of control.

The causes of sleep disorders: Sleep disorders, caused by the interruption of the restorative rest to their internal organs change. Often, you can change their patterns and rhythms. A number of interruptions caused their bodily functions look and feel confused. May contact pain and joints, especially in the legs, or can RonCa, at night. The factors leading to high risk of disease, depression, etc... To avoid to reduce the stress such complications and may seek help for your sleep disorder.

What should I avoid?

If you are difficult to sleep, try to stay away from caffeine for alcohol, and nicotine also 7 pm before the avoid falling asleep. If it is difficult to drive in a dream, you try counting sheep. This led to see his opinion visual recordings of sheep jump close sales offers. Some people can fall asleep from television. If works, to do this. If you are one of those, listen to music and television and starts the adrenalin flow, let alone then. You want to eat or before going to sleep and exercise. Exercise will stimulate the metabolism. Food can cause that indigestion.

Tips: If you find it difficult to sleep at night, try the temperature, above all, if you feel ill at ease. The lights are, so that the room is dark, except visits of light overnight due to awaken need consistent night due to the cabin. If you are afraid of the dark, be sure that thieves can easily in areas illuminated verses of dark areas of travel. This gives you the advantage to help, because it is aware that someone in your home. If the lights on, invite to the thief, free to go from the House without guards it invented. This country unfortunately teaches to an enlightened area run us, if it is in danger. Sometimes the light managed to have killed.

If you find it difficult, in the night sleep, you have probably medical care, in particular, if is the problem in the way.

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