Combat high cholesterol in healthy aging

Too much cholesterol causes that many medical problems. Cholesterol is something that hinders the arteries in the heart. In addition, cholesterol could if out of control massive heart attacks or a series of strokes.

What can I about my cholesterol?

If your body has too much cholesterol, it is not good for you. You have the power within it but take control. You take no control only causes problems. Problems build; take life down until finally the abnormal aging. You can control each day of the exercise and eating the food rights. Visit your doctor regularly another way is to work towards healthy ageing. Drugs lower cholesterol get their general practitioner help.

If you have cholesterol, you need to eat well and exercise on a daily basis. Act now to lower cholesterol. It will take some time to get your cholesterol in check, but it will happen if you act now. Would like to also to time out itself, activities, socializing, etc., for keeping cholesterol in check. If cholesterol out of control, the cause is approach, of arteriosclerosis. If you reduce cholesterol by law you can now prevent strokes, heart attacks and even death. For more information on Statins cholesterol control. You can also avoid smoking to lower your cholesterol. In addition, can you reduce the risk of attack on the heart, diabetes and obesity, etc. to control cholesterol.

Note that the problems of high cholesterol the worst and the not so bad. The worst the LDL. is the top HDL cholesterol levels is a good thing. If these levels together with the increase in triglycerides, are your opportunities, stroke or heart attack high.

What kind of food does cholesterol?

There are all the food in less cholesterol is the cholesterol in the package. Some foods have more than others. As kitchen and fat oil contains much cholesterol, some has his bread cholesterol. Eggs are very high cholesterol food and also their butter. You must read the back of the package to determine the level of cholesterol.

If my cholesterol is high, can what happen to me?

The only way you can know if your cholesterol is high is, go to your doctor and get a blood test. If you with your doctor about the family as its probably to you check-in the blood sample. However some can through it to you, if your application is that you harden the arteries. This means that your body too much cholesterol and fat is building. Normal or average read should be 140 or 130 to 200 mg / dl. If you can maintain this level, you can apply.

If cholesterol out of the hands is obtained, it attracts the arteries. This means, that the blood does not flow through the heart, what is of course the bomb. The heart is unnaturally, work harder to keep it alive pumps prices.

High diastolic is high cholesterol increases the risk of Herz attacks, that his heart is not the blood clotting or rupture of blood vessels and then there are stroke, which is when the brain receives insufficient blood due to the oxygen drops due to blood clotting or broken blood vessels. High cholesterol endangered you for diabetes, as affected by hemoglobin. For more information, visit your doctor.


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