Replacement of hormones for healthy ageing

Aging can change we affect our hormone levels. The level of the hormone reduced by years our glands. Our glands produce hormones and let on the flow of blood. Amount, the age, reduced hormone production. Sometimes necessarily correct the slowness of hormone replacement. Before jumping the gun in however, discovered the search for replacement note medical experts, that men, which should in the search for hormone replacement therapy carefully consider. Replacement therapy is behind, or the cause of prostate cancer part. Want to consult your doctor always, before you all not prescribed treatments of therapy, supplements, etc...

Our body produces two major hormones that are very important. We have started to lose these necessary elements as it from aging. Our body depends on estrogen and testosterone to keep healthy metabolism, functions of sexual reproduction, and so on.

Testosterone is also important, not only for men and women. Men need a high level of testosterone. Hormones are what facial hair to promote more muscles and more votes. Testosterone makes men more young people appear and helps you sexually, because it is his unit. As in men, reduced, losing your sex drive. On the other hand, too much testosterone in our body may cause side effects such as heart disease and extending of the prostate. To do this, you want to consult, with your doctor before you hormone replacement therapy.

Estrogen is the most important hormone, our body must to keep up with life in General. Women, to address the estrogen, menopause by you a supplement directly from your doctor. With can estrogen also help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease. Estrogen therapy reduces the risk side effects to cancer of the uterus and breast can lead, however. Some women do not experience the coagulation of the blood, while others. In addition, some women have suffered heart attacks and strokes after taking estrogen treatment units. All other supplements or treatments without a prescription, you must consult with your doctor, before you the treatment. Discuss the points to take the good and bad replacement, such as estrogen and testosterone therapies.

Do you have a hard time sleeping in the night?

The hormone melatonin is perhaps missing. The lack of melatonin is known, that to disrupt sleep patterns as you age. Our glands produce melatonin and slow down aging. Study shows that while we sleep during the hours of 8:00 am and 5 am, is, when this hormone is produced more. Melatonin supplements, can to contribute to the reduction of breast cancer and help, the aging together with the improvement of our reverse dream. Side effects may include drowsiness. Melatonin can cause, that the blood vessels to narrow. Depends on, if your body sufficient or insufficient quantities. Once again, talk to your doctor first. Melatonin according to only a few can cause heart disease. Melatonin is dangerous for those diagnosed with high blood pressure. Like most things, it is very important to consult your doctor before you this supplement.

Aspects of healthy aging: we have taken into account when it comes to healthy about aging different aspects of the body. Our body produces hormones, cell neurons, and so on. If our bodily functions are lost, it affects the body and mind as a whole and determines how quickly expires. But you the factors of the environment, medical, drugs, smoking, must consider exaggerated with alcohol, and so plays a role in our process of aging. In fact, we must the abnormal age normal to consider ageing verses, healthy aging check.

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