Healthy ageing and longevity

Century is often lengthy existence or long life greater than before. At the same time, the average man hopes life until the mid of 1940s, while the average woman expected to live up to the end of the 1940s. This seems illogical, given the fact that many of our older generation of people who born also today in the early 1900's are still. The progress of the system, find experts, that life beyond the 70 and 80. longevity people has dramatically changed by that people get. In recent times, it is still expected that men life more than 80 years and is expected to women to over 90 live. Rarely will be, lived the last 100 years old. According to experts will find like a needle in a haystack Grande a person who lives 125 years. Most people medical care can pass on 90 life however with quality and the hereditary makeup is healthy.

Many diseases lack exercise, bad habits and bad habits as the excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs, nicotine today of bad eating habits, etc... Nevertheless, some people are marked, at the beginning that you the genetic material that threatens your health. According to experts, heritage is responsible for some cases of the disease of Alzheimer's disease, heart disease and so on. According to experts, genetics influence the longevity of a person. You have a family history of disease, the risks to come to a disease of the same or a similar treaty. In summary, it can be said if you have a high risk of genetic factors, probably have a shorter life expectancy of the person.

How do doctors it longevity?
The family to seek medical history review genetic factors, which can be short or long life expectancy. If you will, have a history of diabetes, take your doctor, to reduce their risks, but can not help to stop the disease. Doctors take into account your lifestyle. This smoking you? It has an alcohol problem? Do you have problems with drugs? Do you have anorexia or bulimia? Exercise? When does not respond to each question, you will then probably a better life and more life. On the other, if you can answer these questions with Yes expect page to a shorter life.

Doctors examine including factors such as environment, to consider the longevity. If you in a range of life, in which toxins are high, you have probably unnatural exposure to these toxins, shortened his life. Although its genetic composition demonstrates the longevity, engages its surroundings in how much time you can live.

Doctors consider medical care. If you often visit a history of your doctor, then you have a better chance of healthy living. Health care is the process of reducing the risk of disease, prevention, and treatments for waiting for the disease to find.

What you should know: know that not all cancers are curable disease will provide early discovered? Did you know that the Alzheimer's disease is curable if detected the disease in the early stages? Did you know that the most of the diseases is curable, provided, that the disease is caught at an early stage?

If you know, you see that the health care for life healthy ageing is essential. Medical experts people have come since the 19th century. In addition, the experts find more ways to help people to live a longer life. Therefore, doctors have heard their roles in life, because you care about your health (at least most) to the considerations that help doctors to focus life healthy ageing.