The body changed and healthy ageing

Since the beginning of our birth, all of our body are many changes. How we young people reach youth, but changed to experience the body of a number of aging or abnormal body, the body functions begin to decline. The body makes these changes, you will notice that most of the people, the difference.

The muscle-skeletal system is the first area, that most of the disorders and diseases. This is why as soon as a person converted at the age of 35, regardless of their activities, sporting nature, etc... Still, one to avoid, this disease can reduce injuries of muscles and joints. Accidents, can do this where possible, abuse, excessive alcohol, drugs, tobacco, prevent and so on. You can increase your health through exercise, to socialize healthy food with positive people and to avoid environmental toxins.

You will see that your doctor important, the disease, as well as to prevent. When you visit your doctor, take time, based on the story of the family, which was to study him their physical condition. The doctor will examine family history including hereditary diseases. Your doctor will as he history family diagnostic tests, treatments, prevention and treatment, to prevent diseases. As mentioned, our body starts by 35 years old to reject, which will also begin our sense organs to make a rain check. At this time, the eyes are affected, because you can focus on close objects. In medical terms, this condition as presbyopia is known. Is why you see many people in the world on the glasses for 40 years, bifocal contact lenses, and so on. Still see the younger generation with these same requirements, which is a clear signal that begins the progression of withdrawal soon for some. It is a sham signal hereditary makeup or lifestyle based on the environment, etc...

Many people lose a level aging audience. In some cases, people Dove do after age 40 years. This condition is called Presbycusis, that which is a sign of aging. In view of the fact that this State for the old is common, it is natural that he not things how, once around would have desired. For example, if you enjoyed concerts, when I was younger and now find, not enjoy, concerts, is because he has changed his audience, which means that the audience the high tone is affected, that he had been slowly the younger audience sound down. If the hearing is impaired, seems it often speak about are articulated. Because the audience was marred, is the person to listen to another address. For example, the use of k distorted sound, affecting the understanding. In other words, an elderly person the CH a Word, such as such as chute can here and think to tell someone that you have to close. The CH is distorted. You can refer people with hearing difficulties for learning, character and body language, to help you, to you. These people benefit from hearing aids or help bugs. Devices act as hearing aids, that a person allows it to block background noise while it focuses on the speaker.

We see natural healthy ageing in this picture, however, in some cases, signs of aging are unnatural. For example, if you, lung cancer occur, based on its history of smoking or tobacco smoke around, the cause is unnatural.

As a person grows, weight changes as well, and even more for those with a family history of obesity. The fat of the body begins to change up to 30% of the time, which reached a 40 person. The changes concern the body greatly, as this the beginning of the wrinkles and other signs of natural aging.


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