Healthy aging and the brain

More grow and learn from their mistakes is a clear signal that our brain will be improved. The brain will improve as we learn. On the other hand, it helps us to live a better life. We already life and learn new skills, which helps us to develop a healthier way of life.

Our brain has learned a lot from our youth. All of these capabilities is achieved, the brain made healthy to stay. Remember that practice makes perfect and grows more practice we get. The more we learn the quality speech is growing and further improvement. We must learn to manage stress also stress on the circuit is damaged in his brain.

So, growing more cautious. The challenges and opportunities together with decision were to improve the brain. Be ready for new challenges and positive in life.

The works of the brain by increasing knowledge and creates the connection of the elements in the bran that work well to us. You are never too old to learn something new.

Aging, manages the connection with his family and friends. The more we keep in touch with our family and friends, that we keep our work the mental sharpness. You can learn from them and help to keep your mental acuity that passes every day.

The diet is very important to the healthy brain, to preserve aging. Fruit and vegetables to eat as many colors as possible. Vegetables are known to help better to do your brain. If vegetables can help to prevent cancer, it must be good for the brain.

Fruit and vegetables are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as well as low in fat and calories. Antioxidants have been shown to benefit us, it contains vitamins, is known to reduce the cells killed or damaged. Dine, blueberries, that color is known, that to improve short-term memory.

Very few doctors disapprove of herbal supplements and multivitamins. It ages and is only careful our change of diet by eating less, make sure that your dose will not respond to drugs. Vitamins are easy to replace, in the food will fail, but please first contact you doctor to ensure, their take what you need.

They emphasize the hunters: stress take our life as harmful organisms and also of the brain. There is no way and way can reduce stress someone all, but we can decide, what you can do what can be removed and focus yourself, to alleviate the rest for pleasure. It is very important to not allow having stress to your life. Pressure caused slight depression as you age.

The brain releases hormones of stress use manage some stress, but if there are many hormones can damage nerve cells. Depression can be determined whether hormones are released too quickly.

Elements, poverty can cause to relieve stress: stress reducing is not for everyone. Forget, are the things that has no control cover, and insert as you do. Try, go for a walk or make somekind of activity for relax brain not stress. Bring fun into your life and make new happy.

Sometimes takes a while, changes in his life, as we get older to adapt to your needs and health. The changes are difficult to make, and sometimes is a challenge, but in the end, to relieve stress and brain there to improve a new experience.

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