Smoking cessation in healthy aging

Smoking cessation could now live a happy and healthy life media. As you already know that smoking is bad for everyone, not just those, but, that the breath in passive smoking. Second hand smoke is more difficult, that smoking then. One hundred forty five United States start smoking each year. Would therefore I car can not really answer him.? Because once you start you can't stop. They are addictive and is not very good for you. Most people start early in life, you are curious or want to be cool. The biggest problem is that most caused lack of education, which helps to see people, such as smoking, age to faster.

The problems that can cause smoking:

Smoking can cause many problems when it comes to not think your health issues. Smoking can cause cancer, heart disease and stroke, increased cholesterol and so on. His heart is affected, the blood vessels built with fat and cholesterol caused by smoking. The results lead to hardening of the arteries. Strengthening the artery mean blood will flow quickly enough not to the natural requirements of the heart pump support. This is the coagulation of the blood, broken blood vessels, etc started. It can also cause angina pectoris, you think that with a heart attack, but its not only not enough blood to the heart so that the pump is correct. It can then cause that he has a heart attack, as smoking a lock, so is there no blood to the heart.

Smoking can cause bronchiolitis or strokes. This disease is contagious, what most people do not recognize. The viral infection affects the respiratory tract, respiration. The cause of this infectious disease is smoking or second hand smoke. Smoking promotes the bad breath, stained teeth, fragrant furniture and clothing. You also get the flu and common cold more frequently. It starts to cough and then can not breathe may still put on oxygen. In addition, smoking is now so expensive. Does not deserve the punishment, that you regret end it be stopped. In addition, you get addicted to nicotine as soon as you are connected his hook.

Bronchiolitis is a common viral infection that affects the respiratory tract syncytial. The disease causes inflammation. The swelling accumulates once blocked Airways, as consumption of nicotine and infections cause respiratory border, which hampered the flow of air.

Why is nicotine addictive?

You get addicted to nicotine cause for all the chemicals in tobacco. It is not as much as nicotine, which makes you sick of chemicals in tobacco, which cause the disease such as lung cancer and heart disease, that is. In addition what never get from smoking. Nicotine and cigarettes are several chemical substances in causes searches and finally death.

How can I quite smoking?

Once you are connected, it will be very difficult. He must decide that you're going, what makes, such as weight gain or edge to.

You have to do with willpower and to keep, to take it. Well, one now and no longer have, still not so good work. Find the way, that best your needs actions and create the strength of will. You can with your doctor to consult, helpful tips, smoking can offer.

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