Coney Iceland must one in New York

If you never been to New York City, can not claim are gone, unless, of course, it was go the infamous promenades of Coney Iceland up. It is important to understand above all that Coney is seasonal Iceland open just so your trip should plan accordingly. The second thing is important, is to understand about Coney Iceland, that there no central operation property.

Most of the attractions in Coney Iceland close immediately or very soon after days of work. The beach and the Royal promenade are open to the public year-round, sometimes they are simply comments than others. Hot dogs Nathan and New York Aquarium remain open after the summer season to an end and they work almost every day throughout the year. The Coney Iceland Museum is open throughout the year the weekend from 12: 00 to 17: 00. In the summer season when tourism is high along the Malecon, the two major theme parks: Astroland and wonder wheel Park has sponsored shows of fireworks Fridays at 9: 30.

The Coney Iceland amusement parks are only a part of the attraction, but work for many people to this place of unique entertainment every year. Astroland amusement park is the largest park of the sights in the city of New York. The cyclone is the most famous journey in this particular Park and it is a journey that is the world known by fans of the roller coaster. It is a wooden roller coaster, which offers an exciting journey. Other major rides in the Park are the Astroflume, the dancer break, Astroland carousel, sudden changes in the top spin, Dante Inferno, tickets and Tower of Astro. For children, it is a very good selection of walks of children who you talk to, while older children enjoy some of the most emotion-oriented attractions. If you are looking for a day of good food and lots of fun in the Sun Astroland is a great place to be.

Wonder wheel Park of has is known for his wonderful wheel. Cars in this magnificent journey are red, white and blue (not of them patriotic?) Balance of the red cards and blue and white cars stationary. The spook-A-Rama is a more popular if not scare walk in the Park of the wheel which is wonderful. You need a shot of emotion and leaks to try the Super shot but only if you have a 52 "or more or the bar, the a request of 48" height has. And what would be complete without a taste of car accident day in Coney Iceland? There are also many excursions for children to pick on your way.

For something a little quiet that thrills and chills in amusement parks, Coney is also Iceland home to New York in Coney Iceland Aquarium. This is experienced a good way, you more about marine life and enjoy their children see, fascinating sea creatures in other circumstances, would be unlikely. There are more than 8,000 animals in the New York Aquarium represented. It is not only a fascinating adventure itself, you need to enjoy their hairstyle not victims.

Also the Coney Iceland Museum is value a look. Find relics of old rides and spent in the memories of the days Museum, as well as incredible views of the tours available today. The price of admission is quite affordable, in 99 cents, and is fun to visit and the Sun a little. No trip to Coney Iceland is really complete without stopping at least in the Museum. The island can clean bathrooms. Coney Iceland is one of the best things about a visit to New York. If you can plan your trip to New York if the parks are open and the promenade is recommend you spend a night of the weekend on the beach promenade.

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