Transformers the movie in 3

Michael Bay, Transformers the movie in 3, some things in the film and can be viewed online. A member of the American army used Warriors of Heaven Photos on Flickr (via Seibertron), including the new Ratchet, Ironhide, Optimus Prime is veiled, and American military aircraft manufacturer in the warriors of the sky called the 717 in Long Beach, California.Also reported The Washington Post that the production process is still in talks Transformers 3 with the National Park plans to ask for permission shooting into direct current for the series of three titles blockbuster Transformers, which filmed him in Washington, DC in September of this year. to gain an opportunity for the city the cost of the film for hotel rooms, meals, equipment rental, taxi fare and time working for this film, all of which are from more than 200 million dispute with dollars.A National Park, where and how the shooting took place, a producer at Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks to reconsider, and the plan of the city. The company has the duration of filming, which took two weeks or more to produce estimates. But now, the recording time is reduced to less than a week leading, although the director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg.A Paramount spokeswoman Gabriela Gutentag said the negotiations. I did not take place as long as the shooting in Washington DC is. "We have the schedule of two weeks to 10 days, after three days and turned in seven days, I do not know" that said.Bill line, national park spokesman producer that some scenes should not be said to hold the National Mall Among other cars in the gravel at the mall and flooding from artificial light to your shot night.Kathy Hollinger, director of the DC Office of Film and Television Development, acknowledged that a project has been set the scale and impact, such as the simulation of the explosion and on the way pyroteknic Pennsylvania and Independence

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