Wayne Rooney, the role of the public forgotten

Dimitar Berbatov was the star of Manchester United a 7-1 victory over Blackburn Rovers, scoring five goals, but Sir Alex Ferguson, Wayne Rooney, the role of the public forgotten.Berbatov not at Old Trafford after scoring five be surprised to assess goals against Blackburn Rovers on goal continued Saturday 27 November 2010. Two goals from other printed MU Ji-Sung Park and Louis Nani.However Berbatov will not only praise from Sir Alex. Scot also praised Wayne Rooney to score despite not playing. "Berbatov and Rooney unusual to see today. They remain a threat through exercise and feed them, working with one or two. This is his best of both worlds, "said Sir Alex of the official website of Manchester United, said Sunday, 28th November was a goal 2010.Berbatov end famine in the last 10 games. The Bulgarian national team striker was the first player to score five goals from Andy Cole MU goal against Ipswich Town in 1995. "This fantastic achievement. And he (Berbatov) could have scored six goals through the head. But Paul Robinson did well to save. The striker did not feel strongly, if not different, " said Sir Alex read also

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