The best low cholesterol diet plan

If you want to lower your cholesterol, help much a perfect diet. It is known for a long time now, food that eats a person or is used on a daily basis to food can have a direct relationship to the levels of cholesterol in the body.

And it is important for people to your cholesterol to lower because cholesterol is associated with the development of coronary heart disease. The higher the level of blood cholesterol levels in an individual is more likely to develop heart disease later. Apart from high cholesterol levels can threaten a person a crash stroke or a heart attack.

Apart from medications to lower cholesterol levels a low cholesterol diet that are next best levels keep your cholesterol down. More vegetables to eat soy products and other foods with low cholesterol can be as effective in reducing cholesterol in the blood as medicine. A study demonstrate that a vegetarian diet can lower cholesterol much for third month.

Diet to lower cholesterol more can normally includes a copious serving vegetables such as broccoli and red pepper. Bran, oats and bread as well as many fruits and nuts to a complete low cholesterol diet make sausages milk soy and soy, cereals. Rich food protein, nuts and soya fiber of oatmeal and barley can effectively reduce cholesterol up to seven percent.

A low cholesterol diet requires to minimize consumption of saturated fat 7% and other fatty substances of 25-35 percent. It was discovered that the best diet, heart disease to avoid fat (unprocessed) not hydrated, the Hidrogenada contains rather than the variety. Increased consumption of Omega-3 fats, fish, fish oil or sources from plants such as flax seed, is proposed a low cholesterol diet, fat. With a low cholesterol diet you should limit daily somewhere daily sodium intake in the level of 2400 mg.

A typical day in the low cholesterol diet which include it would much soy milk, cereal breakfast oatmeal with chopped fruit bran and almonds, bread oatmeal margarine, on the basis of vegetables and jams. A typical lunch with low cholesterol include soy salami, bread bran, oats, beans soup and fruit dessert. Dinner would vegetable stir fry tofu, fruits and almonds of the normal cholesterol fare of low diet. Following such a diet cholesterol religiously for long periods of time low, it is possible that the level of cholesterol put up from 29 percent in just one month.

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